Amon Renate

Amon Renate

Location: Austria

born 1975 in Friedreichs * married, 2 sons * lives and works in Schloss Rosenau, Austria

As professional interior designer I am passionate about completing individual living spaces with works in special sizes. Realising ideas together with the customer I am enthusiastic about creating individual decorative artworks – unique in their way. The variations of techniques and pictorial strategies from series to series emerge from an inner need and reflect my lively and open character, eager to experiment – variations with a visible similarity.

Techniques and sources of inspiration – artistic forms: In my new works of art “Innovation decorative wood pattern” providing outstanding impressions of the region Waldviertel I would like to emphasize the creation of nature and the human desire to be unique. All the leaves of a tree are nothing but leaves of the same tree. Placed next to each other, they are equal and different at the same time. Surfaces, designs and colours make the essentials of the artwork perceptible and tangible. Using acrylic paint, pigments of marble dust, the structure of linseed oil, wood, rust, metal, light and ancient scripts I want to identify and convey three-dimensional spaces and time in order to draw the viewer’s attention to the depth and the beauty of the Creation we are all part of.


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