Milly Martionou


Location: Greece

Painter Milly Martinou creates artworks that are literally and figurative explosive.
Based in Athens Milly possesses an intrinsic positivity that permeates her to create, transporting viewers with imagery that seems to come to life before your eyes.

Having used painting as a way of escaping reality to a place of immense possibility for as long as she can remember, Milly is inspired by the lights of painters such as Jackson Pollack.

Though the artist employs similar collage and dripping techniques, the message of optimism she communicates is of a distinctive and completely personal nature that differs greatly from Pollack.

The feeling of movement and vivacity in a piece is extremely important to the painter who believes art to be alive and is established by the intense action of Milly herself during the competition.

Dripping and throwing paint ar the canvas to create glades, blooming plains and running streams of colour Milly likens her movements to a dance with her work the final performance.

Describing her pieces as romantic with an inherent strength, Milly's collection entitled dreamscapes, featured here, reflects the inner workings of the artists mind.

Exploring the depths of her imagination Milly endeavors to show her unique and magical perspective of life through her mysterious dreamlike landscapes.

Though there is an unbelievable feeling that the image is a figment of the imagination abstract and unreal, there is a deeper more tangible ideal at play too, commenting on the miracle of life.

Milly Martinous emphasis on the process of creation as well as the sentiment behind it, makes each feel less like mere painting and more like spontaneous passionate events of energy projected onto canvas.



Dreamscapes is a series of paintings where the dream imagery is strong, offering the viewer an escape from reality. If we believe in our dreams we can make our daily existence a little more dreamy, and our world can become a “Dreamscape”