Laura Iosifescu

Laura`s unique style emanates from her unconventional use of machines or tools to apply paint. She avoids conventional means of paint application, turning to her own inventions.Using kilograms of paint, Laura essentially transforms her paintings into sculptures but even more into living plants. Nature and abstraction meet in these three dimensional works.The works are not only beautiful, but laced with meaning. There is great energy here, a passion that the artist clearly pours into her work. It’s difficult for photos to do these works justice, but they are outstanding nonetheless.


Alien Gardens

This collection represents the profundity of Laura`s soul.She confess us her secrets and memories of a struggle life as a person ,women ,artist and as an individual but nevertheless her paintings symbolize freedom,escape,acceptance,salvation and celebration of life.

Secret Garden 3 “Secret Garden 3”

Three Dimensional Painting

I Feel Happy “I Feel Happy”

Three Dimensional Landscape,oil paint and acrylics,100cm/120cm,2012

Secret Garden 1 “Secret Garden 1”

Three Dimensional Painting,oil panting and acrylics on linen,100cm/130cm,2014

Secret Garden 2 “Secret Garden 2”

Three Dimensional Landscape,100cm/130cm oil paint and acrylics on linen,2014

Secret Garden 4 “Secret Garden 4”

Three Dimensional, oil paint and acrylics on linen,2014