Arghya Ray

Arghya Ray

Location: India

I want to be an internationally active artist and photographer. Well, this is a pretty high ambition though ... I really wish that a viewer of my artwork always gives me some kind of feedback.

By profession, I am a freelance researcher and computer expert with special focus on theoretical research and technical writing. I got my MCSA in 2008, and graduated with Political Science, English, and Sociology in 2012.

So my artist bio is quite a lot humble. Well but I am an honored (?) member of art websites like Foundmyself and Touchtalent. And yes, I got a recent online exhibition berth at Touchtalent! So wish me all the best please ...!



Here, I wish to show some of the photographs I have taken in my spare time. Opinions are welcomed. Some of the photographs are digitally enhanced, and can be considered as digital art.

Number 1 “Number 1”

This image is simply all about the Number 1

Lonely Flower “Lonely Flower”

The flower is really so lonely, isn't it?

All in Green “All in Green”

This picture is digitally enhanced

A Den in Space? “A Den in Space?”

This picture is not digitally enahnced