Melinda Patrick

Southwest Art Magazine named her one of "12 Texas Artists to Collect."

Melinda Patrick began developing her art when she was a very young child. Her paintings are her vision of the places she loves, the colorful cityscapes and ordinary people that catch her eye.

Melinda is a native Houstonian but received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She was mentored from an early age by her grandfather, a painter, photographer and graphic designer. Melinda is also a graphic/web designer and developer as well as an illustrator. She’s illustrated two children’s books for the Lavender Lane series. She lives, works and paints in a pine forest near her native Houston.



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Reginelli's “Reginelli's”

One of the colorful places in New Orleans that are no longer there. Any time I can paint red & white stripes, especially on a patio umbrella, I cannot resist. So this one was extra fun to paint. I wish I could have thought of a better title.

Docked “Docked”

Wooden sailboat docked on a canal off the Gulf Coast. I've painted this boat before but this is a different pier and view in general. I wanted to show the shoreline on the other side of the canal. It's a little bit industrial and a little bit residential. Not uncommon around the Galveston area.

Roof View “Roof View”

Looking out at the Gulf of Mexico from a condo balcony. A wise man told me that the only thing missing is a tropical drink with a little umbrella.

Shadow Maze “Shadow Maze”

Beach shadows - one of my favorite imagery.

Only Seafood “Only Seafood”

One of last really good neon signs and now it's gone. From a recently closed seafood restaurant.

Cafe Haleiwa “Cafe Haleiwa”

Not a neon sign but a nice sign I had to paint. That along with the colors in the image pushed me to push it ahead of other in-progress canvases I'm working on.

Naples Walk “Naples Walk”

Naples, Florida is a beautiful city with a beautiful beach and lots of palm trees. I always thought palms were native to the area but after going there, I found out that they washed up on the beaches.

Beach Ramp “Beach Ramp”

That landing spot for a great day at the beach. Ride around on bike and stretch out on a cushy lounger under an umbrella. Only thing missing is lunch, as far as I'm concerned.

Pastel Dream “Pastel Dream”

A cove somewhere along the Gulf Coast. I was listening to dreamy music while I painted so the title had to be about a dream.

Sold Recently

Some of the paintings that sold in 2020-2021.

Cliff House “Cliff House”

A little different from what I normally paint - much looser strokes. The rock areas are always a challenge for me. I have to make a lot of color and shape decisions.

Surf's Up “Surf's Up”

There was a time when everybody I knew wanted one of these. Nobody got one. And the surf along the Texas coast usually looked like this: flat. But shell hunting was always good.

Galveston Street “Galveston Street”

I was driving around Galveston a few years back just looking at all the gorgeous houses and snapped a photo of this bunch. I never get tired of Galveston. I've been going there since I was a child. My favorite places were the shell shop and the old candy factory.

Table for Thee “Table for Thee”

Cafe in San Francisco with outdoor seating in North Beach on Columbus. I'm pretty sure it's one now. This is a small study and I'll probably paint a larger view of it on larger canvas.

Lazy Place “Lazy Place”

Good place to be lazy. Too high up for the mosquitos to find you. Minimum sand sifting into your hair.

Beignet Store “Beignet Store”

I'm told that this is the best beignets in New Orleans. I don't know. I always go to the Morning Call, especially when it was still in the Quarter.

Bike on a Beach “Bike on a Beach”

I've painted this beach before. I like the formation of the waves and it seems to fit in anything I paint. I always let the painting tell me what to paint instead of me painting what I think it should be. This one is a little different this time.

Hatmakers “Hatmakers”

Painted from a reference photo I shot in San Francisco in 2014. I Googled it to remind me the of the street and found that it no longer looks like this. All the detail is removed and it's just a plain storefront. Nothing ever stays the same, does it?

Still Water “Still Water”

Back area of a Gulf bay, far away from the sludge of the Mississippi River that drifts into the Texas Gulf Coast.

Sunrise at the Boat Shed “Sunrise at the Boat Shed”

I was hesitant to paint this image. It seemed to busy and challenging. I edited the details to something I could grasp. I fell in love wth the water reflctions and now it's one of my favorites. I wish I'd painted it on a larger canvas and I may do that.