Karen H. Salup


Karen H. Salup

As an Abstract Expressionist, I concentrate on the actions involved in creating artworks rather than trying to produce images that people could recognize, I'm searching for a underlying unity that takes into account the material, a method and a fairly clear amount of knowledge. Form,space and content and especially the qualities of color and light are part of the dance we call "Action Painting". When referring to my sources, I consider myself a landscape painter. I have been an artist for three decades, intriguing audiences across the country and Europe with my paintings. I am involved with NAWA, FL.and NY, Women in the Visual Arts, Fl., Palm Beach Watermedia Society. I am formally from New York. I have had my works reviewed in the New York Times, ArtSpeak, and Newsday. My work is represented in many permanent collections.
My website: www.karenhsalup.com
This will give you further information on my background.

Crystallize “Crystallize”

Is Acrylic. Using bold color and bright lights paired with brushstrokes that evoke a strong sense of movement and energy.
Size is 36"x 36" on canvas.

Blues Bouquet “Blues Bouquet”

This is a Mixed Media, Acrylic painting that started out with my methods. My background is soft and then my center has vibrant blues and other bold colors that capture the viewer's eye. The calligraphy circles the colors, creating new energy that takes you to views of bold brushstrokes and movement.
Painting is on canvas, 48"H x 36"W

Western Sunset “Western Sunset”

The magic of a sunset! Captures color and forms that only an artist can create a story to tell, of movement, energy and brushstrokes. Western Sunset is on paper and is acrylic and pastel. 40"H x 30"W. The pastel strikes over the acrylic creating a soft and imaginative painting.

Fields of Gold “Fields of Gold”

In this acrylic painting 36"H x 36"W on canvas, I've started with images of a landscape that evolves into dark and light sources. They have created a field of gold. It is very hard to name a painting when your an Abstract Impressionist. It is not to the very end of my journey that I can come to this decision.

Ribbons in the Sky “Ribbons in the Sky”

Painting is acrylic on canvas, 36"H x 36"W. In this painting, I have created a more solid background with brushstrokes that are forcing an energy to create a whip view and calligraphy that centers the focus to the middle. The viewer can then feel the force of vibrant, bold brushstrokes and movement.

Primary Colors “Primary Colors”

In this acrylic painting, I create a movement of energy that circles bold colors and brushstrokes. Hoping this evokes into an imaginative creation that invites interpretation from the viewer. Size: 40"H x 30"W