Xiomara Salinas

My name is Xiomara Salinas. I am a Surrealist Art Painter from San Francisco, California, but born and raised in Colombia, South America.
I am a self taught Painter but also have a degree in Computer Graphic Design. I am also a very experienced Latin Dance Performer, and more recently exploring Performance Art as well, in attempt to bridge both Art forms.


Xiomara Vision & Passion

My Art is my Key to the Universe
It is my Weapon in this War
It's my Remedy to the Sickness
And my Gift to the World.

By Xiomara Salinas

Creation “Creation”

Creation of the good & the bad, the light & the dark, the pretty & the ugly. Creation of Life.

Hope “Hope”

When all is dark, all around; if we seek, hope sparks & light is reborn.

Vampira Llorona “Vampira Llorona”

The Crying Vampire Lady. Lonely, Living Dead inside, lost in outer space.