Nicolaus Nicolaus Dinter

Nicolaus Nicolaus Dinter

Location: Germany

I work with cameras over 40 years and I still learning every day.


human rights

I struggle for human rights and stay on streets for people which are not able to do it......

CSD 2014 “CSD 2014”

These both I meet two years at the CSD and every year they allowed me to photograph. Thanks for that kindly work.

London 2018 “London 2018”

London fashion week 2018. Also the fashion week will do more for photographer and Models. Vivien Westwood get the Leonardo da Vinci prize in the year 2021.

anti vaccination law. “anti vaccination law.”

A demonstration against the law of compulsory vaccination. Hamburg 2021

believing “believing”

What is with the believing in law, christians are forgot in europe. Hamburg 2021

life freedom “life freedom”

Stay calm, get the human rights of Paris in your heart. Of course the constetution act is be important, but we must life it every day with our heart and struggle for a better world.