Nathalie Lapointe

Nathalie Lapointe

Location: Canada

Nathalie Lapointe lives in the Lanaudière area of Quebec, Canada. She begins to express herself in the arts by drawing from the age of 8 years old, touching plastic arts and then using the watercolor to create emerging environments. Using shades and shapes, she gave life to landscapes born from her imagination. Oil painting and a formation on fine arts lead her to the interpretation of figurative subjects, from portrait to still life. This work was made in the same time as her career as secondary school teacher. Since 2008, the artist's share has grown and she decided to make a turn towards this career that calls her; She devotes herself to it full-time. Her aspiration is to find a way to render her subjects in a personal language, and this language is sometimes expressed in the lines of urban universes, sometimes in the fantastic universes of cities grafted to the cliffs or in the semi-figurative landscape. Above all this, she has a journey between balance and imbalance, light and dark and besides the finition of the unfinished.


Contemporary Impressionistic City Scapes

When I was in elementary school, I had a young friend whose father taught the arts. She had everything she needed to tinker, paint and collage.
We spent hours creating. I think I was born to create. I start drawing very early and took watercolour classes at
the age of eleven.

At fifteen, I decide to take fine art classes, including drawing, studies of tones, oil painting and classes that followed the style of the great masters. In high school, I took photography courses. I wanted to master as many techniques as I could so I would be freer to express the images I saw in my mind.

I then began the work of developing my own language through the visual arts—my personal touch, my interpretation of the subjects that attract me.
I first worked on portraits. Then came the period of flowers. It is during the flower period that I learned to work with spatulas and other tools.

I love music and the hustle and bustle of cities. Architecture and my natural body language moves me more towards the lines, the horizontals and verticals, of cities.

I spend a lot of time interpreting the imagery of cities. I work to create a rendering that is free, expressive and tending towards impressionism, full of energy, movement and color.

I am drawn to almost always focus on my cityscapes, but I give myself the freedom to delve into other subjects, such as boats at sea and landscape.

I like to emphasize strong contrasts. Most of all, I like my image to convey a feeling

Whether it’s the vibe of the city during the day, its calm in the morning or its energized night life, or the quiet beauty of the seaside, of the boats, or even all the splendor of my imaginary fantasy worlds inspired by video
games, I like to create a scene that transports my audience to another world.

Free Luminous “Free Luminous”

I tend to be as free as light when I'am painting, but it is Always a challenge for me to free my gesture and to let go. In "Free Luminous", I felt free for a moment.

Winter's calm “Winter's calm”

The winter's light is very interesting, and stimulating. In this work, I traveled free in a sweet winter's moment

Un peu plus haut “Un peu plus haut”

The buildings in Vancouver emerge in fusion with montains background in this winter scene. Winter's light

La soirée s'annonce belle “La soirée s'annonce belle”

I like the mi-abstract in the render of my cityscapes, and this is provide to this piece a night good mood to come

My tea cup “My tea cup”

Its a good start in a rainy day to go out and have a tea, with someone special.

New York, toujours “New York, toujours”

An impression of New York, out of time

Fenêtre Urbaine/Urban Window “Fenêtre Urbaine/Urban Window”

An atmosphere of city in summer, with people Walking and the vibe on summer light, out of time

Morning light “Morning light”

Morning light, small calm city

Spring “Spring”

I like the green tones of spring season, and this city belongs to spring time