Ballif Fabien

Solo exhibits (selection)
2019 No title, Galerie de L'Essor, Le Sentier
2018 No title, Galerie Tour de Diesse, Neuchâtel
2018 Terrestres, Château de l’Isle, L’Isle
2017 Cantus Terrae, Galerie Le Bunker, Sainte-Croix
2017 Natures primaires, Galerie La Chaumière, Montricher
2016 Stand up for the Light, Galerie Zwahlen, Orbe
2016 Métamorphoses, La Crypte du Musée, St-Père (France)
2015 Perspectives, CIP, Tramelan
2015 No title, Clinique Cecil, Lausanne
2014 No title, Clinique la Lignière, Gland
2014 Another World, ELA Art Space, EPFL, Lausanne
2013 Sans titre, Car’Art, Crissier

Group exhibits (selection)
2018 L'Art en Fête, Galerie de Poche, Tannay
2018 Art'Gland, Gland
2018 En Hiver 2018, Place suisse des Arts, Lausanne
2017 Entre Ciel et Terre, Riv’art,, La Grenette, Nyon
2016 Métamorphoses, Atelier-Galerie ARVA, Vevey
2016 No title, Riv’art, La Colombière, Nyon
2016 Horizons/Untouched », Clinique la Lignière, Gland
2015 No title, Riv’art, La Colombière, Nyon
2015 Freedom, Galerie Arcane, Corcelles/Neuchâtel
2015 Voyages, voyages… , Galerie l’Essor, Le Sentier
2014 Salon d’été, Place suisse des Arts, Lausanne
2014 Hiver 14, Place suisse des Arts, Lausanne
2013 Paysage 13, Place suisse des Arts, Lausanne
2013 Salon d’été, Place suisse des Arts, Lausanne
2013 No title, Galerie En Beauregard, Montreux
2012 No title, Galerie Nelly L’Eplattenier, Lausanne

2019 Luxembourg Art Prize - Luxembourg
2016 Luxembourg Art Prize - Luxembourg

Bibliography, media
14.03.2019 FAVJ - Galerie L'Essor
07.03.2019 FAVJ - Galerie L'Essor
04.05.2018 Journal de Cossonay - Château de L’Isle
15.12.2017 Journal de Sainte-Croix - Galerie Le Bunker
06.12.2017 Journal de Sainte-Croix - Galerie Le Bunker
19.05.2017 Journal de Cossonay - Galerie La Chaumière
09.12.2016 Journal l’Omnibus - Galerie Zwahlen
18.11.2016 Journal de Cossonay - portrait d’artiste
21.07.2016 Journal l’Avallonnais (F) - Saint-Père (F)
12.08.2015 Journal du Jura - CIP
12.08.2015 Journal La Semaine - CIP
11.08.2015 Le Quotidien jurassien - CIP
19.02.2015 FAVJ - Galerie L’Essor
05.02.2015 FAVJ - Galerie L’Essor

Public collections
EPFL, Lausanne
EPFL, Neuchâtel
CSEM, Neuchâtel,
Clinique la Lignière, Gland

Private collections
Switzerland, France, USA, Australia


Born on July 6th, 1971 in Le Sentier, Switzerland, I work and live in Ferreyres, Vaud, Switzerland.

During my childhood, I draw quite a lot, and get a drawing price at college at age 16. This drawing ability probably comes from my father and grandfather, both gifted.
Unfortunately, I stop drawing for high level sports : I practice ski-jumping and cross-country skiing until 1992; I then work as a commercial assistant until 1998, then take a 3 year school to become an actor. I act in plays, short movies and adds until 2010; At that time I get back to drawing and painting.
Although I don’t have a degree in Arts, I read lot about it, meet artists, galleries, professionals, etc… .
Between 2010 and 2012, I try pastels, pen, collage and acrylic painting. I look for my identity and speech. Inspired by Gerhard Richter, I develop a similar technique with acrylics; my first show takes place in Gallery Nelly L’Eplattenier in Lausanne, CH.
Between 2012 and 2015, I give about 20 shows, half of them alone. In 2015 I co-create a group of artists, Riv’art, with whom we give a yearly exhibit.
From 2016 to 2018, I I give a dozen shows, mostly in galleries. My tastes and inspirations mostly go towards french-chinese artists such as Zao Wou-Ki, Chu The Chun and Wang Yan Cheng.
Betwwen 2017 and 2019, I develop three distinct creation techniques. In 2019 I get a privatel training for oil painting with a talented chilian artist. I get contracts for exhibits in galleries for 2019, 2020 and 2021.



Technique 5 : oil painting on canvas, 60 x 80 x 2 cm.

This piece opposes to the fast rythm of our lifes, and invites to slow down, to enter a space of peace, quietness and inner silence.