Andrew Ogus

I was born and raised around Washington D.C. with two forays to the Middle East. I’ve lived in California since 1970, and been doing works on paper for over twenty years. My unique combination of printmaking, painting and drawing has been exhibited internationally. It continues to evolve.
I make drawings that combine my fascinations with fascinations with animals and the male figure on prepared 100% rag paper. Rather than create an idealized perfection I look for the extraordinary beauty in ordinary people.

As well as exploring the effects of different surfaces on the papers, these subjects are a conduit for exploring many kinds of marks, and how a simple variation in a line or a tiny stroke can transform an image.

I am always hoping to make something beautiful.


The Postcard Project

These drawings are based on images from personal postcards created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some combine figures from the postcard with modern models. They are created on prepared 100% rag Rives BFK printmaking paper. Many combine graphite and color pencil and/or watercolor pencil.

The Postcard Project 8 “The Postcard Project 8”

Acrylic and graphite; 225. x 30

The Postcard Project 13 “The Postcard Project 13”

Acrylic and graphite; 22.5 x 14.75

The Postcard Project 14 “The Postcard Project 14”

Acrylic, graphite, watercolor pencil; 22.5 x 18. The phrase is part of the message on the back of the card.

The Postcard Project 23 “The Postcard Project 23”

Acrylic, graphite, color pencil

The Postcard Project 31 “The Postcard Project 31”

Acrylic, lithography ink, graphite, color pencil. 22.5 x 15

The Postcard Project 33 “The Postcard Project 33”

Acrylic, graphite. 22 x 22