Elize Bezuidenhout

I was born in Springs, Matriculated at Hoër Meisieskool Hugenote and studied Graphic Design at Pretoria Technicon (today known as Tshwane University of Technology). My family and I currently lives in Durbanville, Western Cape.

Oils & Acrylics are the mediums I prefer to work in, but I also enjoy working with pencil and mixed media.

I used to paint mainly with Acrylics but have lately been experimenting more with oils. I find it suits my style better when painting portraits or character studies.

Oils allow me to work more loose and paint less detail. When painting character studies, it is more important to capture the character and mood than giving a photorealistic interpretation of the subject.


"Beautiful People"

A series of paintings I am working on, where I want to capture the character op the person..... Faces that tell a story....

Adriaan Marthinus “Adriaan Marthinus”

Adriaan was a model when he was younger.....but then he made the wrong choices....
Oil on canvas
24" x 47"

Paarl Homeless Man “Paarl Homeless Man”

Oil on canvas
400 x 500 mm
A homeless man that I found on a very cold Winter's morning. He was drinking coffee and reading a book...

Little girl at Gods's Window “Little girl at Gods's Window”

Oil on canvas
375 x 760mm
An informal trader's daughter at God's Window in South Africa

Primrose “Primrose”

Oil on canvas
420 x 594 mm

Flower Seller's Daughter “Flower Seller's Daughter”

Oil on canvas
18" x 24"
The daughter of a flower seller in Cape Town

Durbanville Wood Seller 2 “Durbanville Wood Seller 2”

Oil on canvas
762 x 508 mm
A wood seller in Durbanville, South Africa.

Citrusdal Rasta “Citrusdal Rasta”

Oil on canvas
500 x 600 mm
A man from Citrusdal, South Africa

Visskoonmaker by Kalkbaai “Visskoonmaker by Kalkbaai”

Oil on canvas
420 x 594 mm
A woman cleaning fish at Kalk Bay, South Africa

Wildlife and other Animals

Lioness “Lioness ”

Oil on canvas
500 x 700 mm

Cheetah “Cheetah”

Oil on canvas
600 x 700 mm

African Buffalo “African Buffalo”

Oil on canvas
762 x 610 mm