Susan St-laurent

Susan St-Laurent

Location: Canada

Montreal Artist Passionate for Arts and Technology

Over the years, abstract art as much as the creative process have both been of continuous interests for me.

To fulfill an obvious need to create, I experimented various techniques, among others: painting, pottery, stained-glass, screenprinting, monotype, batik, encaustic art, Japanese papers collages, digital photography, computer graphics, multimedia…

All these techniques are today my influences and they complement each other very well. As an example, using my camera to take pictures of any texture in the nature can lead me to make a drawing on the computer which, in turn, can inspire me to create a painting.

In twenty years, my most significant accomplishment has been to create a large series of abstract digital art. This production has evolved, taking profit of numerous courses taken along my experiments with several software on computers, iPods and iPads. I constantly lead these projects with the intent to inspire a subtle energy in a contemporary design.

I willingly explore mixed avenues of composition, whether they be calm or full of vivacity, and will experiment with numerous colors, either soft or saturated.