Hans-joachim C.paul

Hans-Joachim C.Paul

Location: Germany

Hans-Joachim C.Paul is a contemporary german artist, who produce sculptures of wood and very colorful abstract acrylic paintings .
He was born in Cologne/Germany and lives in Berlin.
You can buy his works worldwide.
Please visit my homepage: http://www.cpaul.org


Sculptures of wood


Y-Head 96 “Y-Head 96”

about one meter high
of wood

Y-Head 87 “Y-Head 87”

About one meter high

Y-Head 86 “Y-Head 86”

About one meter high
of wood

Y-Head 97 “Y-Head 97”

Of wood
about one meter high with much place
on the top

Y-Head 98 “Y-Head 98”

about one meter high
of wood

Y-Head 74 “Y-Head 74”

About 1,10m made of
cherry wood

Y-Head 67 “Y-Head 67”

77cm high
made of wood

Y-Head 81 “Y-Head 81”

1,05 meter high
made of wood