Anton Godard

As a painter I love using traditional materials used for painting on canvas. Applying paint with brushes or knives over the rough surface of sized canvas is part of the magic in creating a picture. I also enjoy working with physical elements in real space found in creating sculpture. In 1988 I developed a series called "hybrid" both painting and sculpture combined, The series emerged in both concept and use of materials. The finished painting/sculpture reflected an expressionistic genre that resembled a William De Kooning woman raised from the flat picture plane into real space.
My desire for change, combined with my natural ambition to explore new ideas and styles of painting evolved into a more realistic approach to images such as the human figure.
Now fast forward to 2014 with twenty five years exploring dimensional relief both real and illusionary, my current body of work illustrates the many years of creating art in an unique way. Here the flat plane of a portrait is set within a 3-dimensional relief that maintains the tradition of painting using canvas and paint. My "hybrid" paintings represent a contemporary approach to traditional painting.


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