Tripal Arts

TriPal Arts is the studio name of Artists Janet TRIsler and George PALovich. While their primary work has been in ceramics and ceramic sculpture, painting and printmaking also occupy their time.


Ceramic Art

Jan and George have been creating works jointly and independently in clay for 50 years. These are a few examples

"I Believe In Norma Jean" joint work “"I Believe In Norma Jean" joint work”

The Belief series has many works in it. Some of them reference famous people; others are more abstract.

"I Believe In Little Richard" joint work “"I Believe In Little Richard" joint work”

Part of a group of ceramic sculptures created over the span of their career, the "I Believe" works began with a grouping of abstract pieces entitled "The Belief Group". They were first shown at the Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown, Ohio. "Little Richard" was first shown in Denver, Colorado.

"Arizona Sunrise" joint work “"Arizona Sunrise" joint work”

A recent slab built vessel, a joint piece, 21 inches high. Recently shown at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix, AZ and was part of the 2011 Vasefinder International online exhibit.

"Mock Turtle" by Janet Trisler “"Mock Turtle" by Janet Trisler”

Part of a series of "lichen pots" created over the years by Janet.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tse, Tse" by Janet Trisler “"Tsk, Tsk, Tse, Tse" by Janet Trisler”

Something else Janet likes to do is to put quotations from her favorite authors on her pieces. Here, she summons up Ogden Nash with his short witticism on "Aunt Betsy".

"I Believe In Mr. Toad" joint work “"I Believe In Mr. Toad" joint work”

Another in the "Belief" series; the latest, completed in 2011.

Painted Petal Pot “Painted Petal Pot”

This large vase was one of the first of this series completed more than ten years ago. 22" high by 9" wide, built by George and glazed by Jan.

Short Petal Vase With Flowers “Short Petal Vase With Flowers”

This bottle vase is built with slabs and petals by George and incised decorated with flowers by Jan. 9 1/4" high by 5" wide.

"Petalific" “"Petalific"”

Petal-built ceramic pot built by George and hand lettered by Jan. 6 1/2" x 13 1/2",

Three Spout Petal Pot “Three Spout Petal Pot”

22 3/4" x 10" designed and built by both Jan and George.

"I Like Lichens" “"I Like Lichens"”

Glazed petal pot with lettering. 12" x 12". Built by both Jan and George and glazed by Jan.

"They Who Laugh At Themselves . ." “"They Who Laugh At Themselves . ."”

The saying on this piece reads: "They Who Laugh At Themselves Shall Never Cease To Be Amused". It is 22" high by 6 1/4" wide and built by George - glazed and hand-lettered by Jan.