Warren Jackson

My inspiration to create art began with the blessing to recognize the skills of artistry at a very early age. I dictate visual language relating specifically to realist paintings implying order and arrangements to produce competent works of visual response. Early instructions were given by Georgia Jessup and her daughter, cousins of mine their instructions were intense, and motivative. My visual perspective choice of medium at present time is watercolors, I expand my extraordinary influences to distant myself from watercolors valued discipline and structural rendering to avoid the obvious use of watercolors. My technique restricts the use of materials such as the paper, pigments, brushes, to dictate my decisions to create multiple variations to complete my storytelling. Sketches are never a requirement to accomplish my contemplation of motifs and descriptive approached with immediacy. The deliverance of my expression is conceived at any moment, to capture my creative thoughts at times documentation is completed with picture taking. During my years in college, Advertising & Design was my major. Mural painting in a couple of churches, became an admiration. I have exhibited at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in D.C., (3) Jurors Choice Awards at The Montpellier Arts Gallery, Touchstone Gallery, Hill Center Gallery, exhibited at Latham & Watkins Law firm, Solo exhibit at the Atkinson & O'Rourke gallery in IL. My medium choice is watercolor, because the paint requires unique techniques, time and patient.


Complications Of Time and Area

This chapter represent the conclusion of the mind projecting timeless energy, and the mind struggling with what is and can be

Restoring for Race “Restoring for Race”

Ferrari Testa Rossa preparing for a historical race, and restoring the 1934 Ford for a show.

Before Their Time “Before Their Time ”

This is a Surrealist presentation, of the historical Kings, and Queen of Eygpt, the time creating the cultural existing is expressed with watch components.

Difference of  Opinion “Difference of Opinion ”

The battle will continue with differences of opinions, the consequences and geographical situations, with limited defensive elements .

A Stroll Around D.C.

View in areas known and unfamiliar.

A Chance of Rain “A Chance of Rain”

On the familiar path to work , except with the challenging puddles, and a chance of rain