Yali Hajhassan


Location: Turkey

My name is Yali and I am a self-taught artist interested in Arabic calligraphy. My early fascination with Arabic calligraphy started at the age of 9 by practicing Al Ruqʿah script. However, it was not until the age of 17 that I continuously committed to experimenting and practicing calligraphy. The past 10 years that I spent working on improving my calligraphy skills have been a great beginning of an even greater chapter of this extraordinary Journey. My BA in psychology had a great influence in shaping my understanding of life which -in turn- has been reflected in my artworks.
The passion I have for literature and especially Arabic poetry has always been present in my artworks as I work on bringing out the charm of poetry using calligraphy. My goal is to offer others the chance to see how beautiful poetry is through calligraphy which I usually describe as "Music to the eyes".


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