David Spencer

David Spencer

Location: Australia

Just like all things, everything has humble beginnings. I always wanted to become an artist, but I didn’t have a story to tell. So after my studies I traveled as far as my dollar would take me. Absorbing the greater world, it’s people, it's cities, colours and textures. Creating memories from special places and experiences which all sits in waiting for the next canvas to be stretched.

I never want to be tied to one style of creativity. I create one-off contemporary artworks. With a point to give a client something special and uniquely there own. Something that no one else has and that makes me feel excited. There's nothing I'm bound to other than experimenting, so I can keep pushing and trying new things. I’d rather be known for my exploration of different disciplines. Seeking new challenges to further develop my art practice, my learning and my artistic development. I am focused on change and breaking boundaries, where I relish in risks, mistakes and tire of repetition.

After 13 years of painting and exhibiting, I continue to reference those memories while acceding to urban life, the modern industrial world and nature’s beauty and surprise. It’s when all these elements are combined, I feel my paintings are successful and only then do I feel like an artist.