Lukas Dvorak

He was born in Prague in 1982. Firstly, he pursued painting and music production. The fate meeting with photography comes no sooner than in 2004. Dvo?ák applied himself to fashion photography, for the sake of which he left for Italian Milan. In 2008 he returned to Prague.

Lukáš Dvo?ák takes photographs for a number of fashion magazines, such as Harper´s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Playboy, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Woman and others. In his creation he markedly prefers black-and-white photography, which is, in his version, strongly contrasting and impressive. Lukáš´s photos are characterized by an intensive emotive and sensuously erotic charge. He gets inspired by travelling around the world where he looks for places with the most beautiful light. That is, locality and light are for him of the same importance as charismatic and feminine types of models he takes photos of.