Oleg Lobykin

Oleg Lobykin has roots in a tradition of the old world craft of stone carving yet considers himself "an international man and product of globalization." He defies labels and strives to show how old and new, timeless and contemporary, familiar and unexpected elements can combine to reveal hidden truths. His work explores connections between what is known and emerging insights about the nature of life. Respecting the past while reaching toward the future, his work reflects the dynamic, evolving reality of the present.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Oleg now resides in California's Silicon Valley. He is a sculptor interested in conceptual art and likes to use modern tools and technology as an opportunity to reach new heights.



My sculptures are a search for the metamorphosis of form. In my work, movement reveals a transformation of the internal forces into the shape of a material inspired by nature and the life force behind it.
My early sculptures speak of the duality in everything and inevitable coexistence by connecting of tools to stone with intentional man-made marks and primitive scrapings. My current series of fiberglass sculptures take the idea a step further by re-imagining the arising of life from the molecular level as something new begins to emerge from an almost chaotic "cellular soup". These recent organic elements allude to life on a molecular level as well as technological constructions occurring in my own backyard in Silicon Valley that alter the way we experience and relate to the world.

Queen & Pawn “Queen & Pawn”

interactive sculpture, climbing structure for kids, composite materials

Big Baby “Big Baby”

A monumental statement about inevitability of globalization. Colusa sandstone. 20"w x 16"d x 29"h

Sea Foam, sculpture “Sea Foam, sculpture”

Inspired by Pacific Ocean. Sea Foam sculpture represents union of air and water under pressure/energy forces of nature. Carved in Carrara marble 11,5' high
installed in Hantington Beach, CA.

Cutting Edge “Cutting Edge”

Bronze, 9" x 18" x 9"

Flex Cube “Flex Cube”

Bronze, 1' x 1' x 1',
All sides equal. The transformation point between 2D and 3D. The begging of form, it a search for original roots, basic elements that create any complex shape.