Lissa Mcdonald

Lissa McDonald is an artist living in Cape Town. Although she always had a love for art, she put it on the back-burner after dropping out of a commercial art course immediately after finishing high-school and went into the business world. But four years ago she was re-introduced to the joy of art when she signed up for an Astar creative playshop, and she hasn't looked back since.

She now has a growing portfolio of work ranging from abstract works to portraiture. She works mainly in acrylics but also has many mixed media pieces.

Lissa prefers to let the art evolve on the page, often starting works with no planned outcome and tapping into her subconscious to "tell her" where the artwork wants to go.

Despite still working as a bookkeeper to pay the bills, her art is her passion and her goal is to make it her full-time occupation - and to never stop learning and growing as a creative.

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24 July 2014



I'll often use words or a poem as inspiration for a piece and incorporate the words into the work.