Dara Kajoui

Dara Kajoui

Location: Austria

Dara Kajoui, Born 1959 in Teheran, Immigration to Austria 1976,austrian citizen, married, 3 children. 2005-2015 Tenerife, Spain, since 2015 back to Austria, Vienna, where he currently lives and works. Patricipation on various exhibitions and artfairs in Europe. Invention of the printing technique: "ecoprint + by Dara", Focus of work: Oilpaintings and printings with his own technique.


oilpictures, printings and drawings

You can also see a representative selection of my artworks on my Homepage: www.arta-dara.com

"Das Fischerboot" “"Das Fischerboot"”

oil on canvas, 65cm x 75cm

"Marsch" “"Marsch"”

oil on canvas, 80cm x 80cm

"Katharina träumt" “"Katharina träumt"”

oil on canvas, 35cm x 45cm

"Der Kaktus" “"Der Kaktus"”

oil on canvas, 55cm x 65cm

"Darius bunt 3x" “"Darius bunt 3x"”

Ecoprint+ by Dara, Portraits, printing

"Darius blau gold" “"Darius blau gold" ”

ecoprint+ by Dara, printing, each 52cm x 70cm

"Katharina blau" “"Katharina blau"”

Ecoprint+ by Dara, Portraits, printing

"Fisch orange" “"Fisch orange"”

Ecoprint+ by Dara, ecoprint-shapes,

some ecoprints “some ecoprints”

Ecoprint+ by Dara, some printings