Chris Schaeffeler

The acrylic and mixed media works on canvas created by Chris Schäffeler feature abstract figuration in shifting registers of resolutely translucent and atmospheric color. Shadowy, multihued strokes functioning like gauze or cellophane fill the frame in feathered sections that capture the smooth essence of refracted light. A native of Switzerland with a painterly and impetuous ardor, Chris relies on intuition and emotionality in relationship to the natural environment and conveys these qualities directly in her work, never using even a first draft when she is beginning a new piece. Influenced heavily by the death of her father in 2005, Chris then highly controlled, intimate drawings in carbon, pencil and watercolor grew into liberally sized paintings on canvas featuring eloquent abstractions and abundant use of color. It is a transformation that has granted stunning richness to her intriguing creations.

Originally a banker, Chris Schäffeler began to paint intensively in 2005. She currently lives and works in Haag, Switzerland.