Location: Haiti

Georgia O'Keeffe declared, "I decided that if I could paint that flower on a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty." Inspired by the line and color of nature, Haitian artist Christina Clodomir-Makeda can be considered a modern day O'Keeffe. Rendering the transcendental colors of her home country, Ms.Clodomir-Makeda paints large scale flower paintings, buzzing with the vibrancy of life.

Drawing inspiration from the visual intensity of Haiti, Ms. Clodomir-Makeda instills within her paintings the abstractness of Georgia O'Keeffe while reminding viewers of the splendors of nature. Saturating her paintings with the brightest of hues, viewers cannot help but be drawn into her large scale abstractions, operating as a visual atmosphere that envelope the compositions. Using art as a means of healing, the artist desires to translate the colors of her homeland in the wake of the cataclysmic 2010 earthquake. Her work enchants the eye, allowing all pain and worry to melt away into her strong colors and impressionistic brushwork. Rendering detailed and light filled flowers, her oeuvre is a symbol of her country, showcasing the brilliant local colors found in the shops and textiles of Port-au-Prince. Her subjects focus on the enlightenment of nature, reminding us of the existence of beauty in the face of disaster. Her brushwork mirrors the passion and strength found both in nature, as well as in the heart of the artist. While illustrating this passion through the abstraction of design, she creates works that bear a striking resemblance to the patterns found in the interior of homes in her native country. Ms. Clodomir-Makeda captures the vibrancy of life, as well as the feelings and emotions of the brilliant wonder that is nature.

At an early age, award-winning artist Christina Clodomir-Makeda, immersed herself in the cultural life of Haiti, turning to dance to express her creative ingenuity. Moving to Montreal, Canada, she persuades studies in Administration and Interior Architecture. After the birth of her first son, Ms. Clodomir-Makeda returned to Haiti and experimented with the traditional arts of her country, producing jewelry and painting on garments that she had designed herself. After the earthquake in January 2010, Ms. Makeda used her art as a means of healing, creating an oeuvre of artworks that were widely recognized for their dazzling beauty. Internationally acclaimed, she has been invited in exhibitions in Nantes France, Miami, Marie- Galante Guadeloupe, Bangkok Thailand, New York, Costa Rica, China, Le Louvre museum Paris France, Los Angeles and India.


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