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Graphic Art I

Warrior “Warrior”

one of the first works(along with Aubrey) that I ever did digitally...I did this picture using nothing but microsoft paint,back before I even knew a single principle about digital illustration...I love how this came out though.

Audio Artwork

the life[less] EP Side A. “the life[less] EP Side A.”

this here is the cover for my introduction into the world of hip hop music in South Africa,a (self) long awaited EP consisting of 6 tracks all recorded in 2015(the year I entered the war to be a rap legend)...anyway what the cover reveals(or hides,depending on how you look at it) is me as an individual,my routines,my habits,my taste for the retro and such...the concept behind the vinyl record is that the tape itself with the 6 tracks plays out as if a record is playing on a gramophone as you listening to it,giving it that retro gramophone hiss... this is Side A(the front cover).