Saadi Babely

saadi babely


Saadi Abbas Babely

Born in Babylon, Iraq
BA, MA, Ph.D. in painting and design.

Solo Exhibitions

1979 Museum of Modern Art , Baghdad, Iraq.
1984 Windsor Public Library, Windsor, USA.
1987 Rewaq Gallery Baghdad, Iraq.
1988 Ewan Gallery , Kuwait.
1990 Heritage Center, Kuwait.
1992 Ain Gallery ,Baghdad, Iraq,
1993 Alia Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
1994 Abaad Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
1995 Nather Gallery ,Baghdad, Iraq.
1996 Auje Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq.
1997 Abaad Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq.
1998 Dijla Gallery,Baghdad, Iraq.
1999 Orient Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
2000 Broadway Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
2001 Studio ,Babely, Hartford, USA.
2002 Studio Babely, Hartford, USA.
2004 Broadway Gallery Amman Jordan Ishtar Myth of Love exhibition.
2004 Greenwich Country Club ,Greenwich . CT. USA
2005 Broadway gallery exhibition with Okrainain artist Vladislav Guryev. Amman , Jordan
2005 Javits Convention Center New York, NY. USA.
2005 Charys Holding Corporation, Corporate Center, Atlanta GA. USA
2006 Babely studio three Hammamet ,Tunisia, the SEA AND YOU , scloupainting project.
2007 Side Al Bahri art gallery , ISHTAR CODES , painting project. Side Bu Saied , Tunisia.
2008 Kalyste art gallery painting and sclupainting project, Tunisia, Tunis

Group Exhibition
From 1971 to 2002 , more than 124 exhibitions in USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, China, Cuba,
Argentina, Venezuela, Cyprus, Australia, Russia, Canada, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Algeria,
Tunisia, Morocco, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Iraq.

International exhibitions
1984 Can Surmear international exhibition France.
1986 Baghdad international exhibition the 1st.
1987 Kuwait international exhibition the 9th.
1988 Baghdad international exhibition the 2ed.
1989 Kuwait international exhibition the 10th.( mention award).
1989 Havana international exhibition the 3rd , Cuba.
1999 Sharjha international exhibition the 4th, UAE.
2008 Tunisian art exhibition for Tunisia Artist Union
Art Projects
Murals painting,
1985 20'x30' Baghdad Tourist Island,
1987 10'x12' Basra International Airport. Iraq.
2001 10'x30' 125 Market Street Hartford, CT, USA, with Mexican artist Carlos Hernandez Chaves
2006 Sclupainting 45 ( THE SEA AND YOU) , Babely studio 3 , Hammamet , Tunisia.
Construction Design
1980 River Festival 3 project , first prize winner, Baghdad, Iraq.
1992 Mural project Babylon Festival , Iraqi Artists Society.

Writer and researcher in art philosophy and aesthetic most of his written articles published in Azzaman
international newspaper London

Former Secretary General Iraqi Artists Society .

Academic Activities
Former professor of art , from 1984 to 1998 University of Baghdad , college of fine art.
Head of Higher study in Design Dept . 1994 to 1997
Adviser for many PhD dissertations and MFA thesis .
Chairman of developing programs of Design Dept. from 1986 to 1997.
Educator and lecture at Hartford Public Schools, Art and Media ,2001 to 2003 Hartford CT. USA
Professor of arts, Higher Institute of arts , Selina , Tunisia 2006

1983 University of Hartford USA.
1986 IAS, Iraq.
1988 IAS with international artists, Iraq.
1989 Cinagraphia studio Havana Cuba.
1990 Studio architect Basel Hassan, Kuwait.
1996 College of Fine Arts , Baghdad, Iraq.
2001 Studio Babely Hartford, USA.

1979 First award poster design, woman international day , Iraq.
1980 First award poster design, Iraqi Arts Dept.
1980 First award river festival , construction design. Iraq.
1984 First award in painting Al Wasetey 4th exhibition . Iraq.
1990 Mention award Kuwait biennial the 10th, Kuwait.
2001 Museum award , the 2nd prize, New Britain Museum of American Art, the 32nd members
exhibition. USA


currently lives, and doing his projects in his studio in Duhok Kurdistan .