Mario Sepulcre

Mario Sepulcre

Location: France

dob: le 08/05/1957 -Algeria
Lives and works in Corsica – France

Education :
B.A in Sociology, 1978 – Nice France
B.A in Fine Arts, 1984 – Quebec Université LAVAL
Master in Fine Arts, 1988 – Paris Sorbonne
Training in Fresco Art, 1994 – France

Work experience :
Quebec / Canada : 1981 – 1987
Italy : 1984 - 2007
Easel painting, Italian fresco painting, creation or restoration of wall paintings since 1981.

Exhibitions :
Canada – France – Corsica – Italy – Spain – Germany.

Many public commissions : Churches, City Halls in Corsica – Paintings – Frescos, restoration of wall paintings.

Other Artistic Experience :
Scenography Theater
Practice of Corsican Polyphony .

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Tel: 0033 04 95 25 36 64
0033 06 14 86 45 98



I have been developing my craft for more than 20 years. It is based in
reappropriation of the painting style used in the Middle Ages and
Renaissance. I don't consider my technique as secondary to my work,
but rather I see it as a support to the beauty and, perhaps, the
source of its grandeur. The attention to technique creates a series of
openings into an imaginary. It is at once realistic and mysterious.

It is through the materials, the thought and inspiration and then the
incarnation, that my humble work is created. My interest in organic
arises from my aesthetic orientation, which led me to study easel
paintings, authentic frescos and mural paintings. In this case,
through the simplicity and the banality of an unobtrusive and leafless
fruit, I believe the paintings become an expression of the universal
in the particular.

Revisiting old artistic themes and myths is also a way in which I
attempt to stop linear time imposed on man by a system of
that negates the microcosm and the macrocosm: undoubtedly a Don
Quixote-like effort, but one that is necessary nonetheless.

 La résurrection de Lazare “ La résurrection de Lazare”

120cm x 120cm - Oil on linen 2009

 Narcisse “ Narcisse”

162cm x 130cm Oil on linen. 2009

 Saint Sebastien  “ Saint Sebastien ”

146 cm x 115 cm Oil on linen. 2008

 In Pesu “ In Pesu”

130 cm x 80 cm Oil on linen. 2007

 La Nuit Transfigurée “ La Nuit Transfigurée ”

162 cm x 130 cm Oil on linen. 2007

 Le Purgatoire “ Le Purgatoire”

162 cm x 130 cm Oil on linen. 2007

 Le Rapt de Perséphone “ Le Rapt de Perséphone”

162 cm x 130 cm Oil on linen.