Baay Faal

My name is Mahanta Fall

I was born on 24 March 1983 in Thies / Senegal.
In 2005, after my training in the HIGH SCHOOL,
I went to Louga, a district in the north of Senegal.

There I created in 2006, along with a great painter in Louga a formation in "Circle Art.
Between 2010 and 2012 I worked with Pawlistchek Loman, an artist from Australia.
We created the "LOMAN-ART." Under the name "LOMAN-ART" we introduced Mobile Metal ago.
We developed also bags and aprons made ??from recycled.

In 2012 I worked with Mr. Ousmane Sy "FRANK"
a famous artist / painter in Thies together.
Here I learn a lot about colors, painting surfaces and painting.
In my paintings (boards) I would like to tell you about the African culture.

I often times African women in their daily lives.
But baobab trees, a tree which is widely used in Africa.
Similarly, instruments are like the traditional African Attirest on my works.

More about me and my artworks:

Nice greetings from Senegal

Mahanta Fall ( Baay Faal )