Clifford Wort

I'm a Cape Town based photographer who loves capturing the beauty, life and light around us all.

Started by using my families digital camera and now 10 years and 20 000 photos later, I'm putting my work for everyone to see. I've done a few weddings and events, but I focus on nature/ landscape and art photography.

Many people say I am a passionate artistic person - other than my photographic work, I play guitar and sing too. I love the arts and bringing to life something, weather it be a photo or a song. Capturing light at different times of day and even use a torch or lamp to bring out my subject in the best possible way, is what I love doing.



My landscape photography

Our Home “Our Home”

View of Cape Town's Table Mountain across the bay.

Rainbow of Fire “Rainbow of Fire”

The clouds formed a rainbow shape and as the sun set it became ablaze.

Relaxing in the sun “Relaxing in the sun”

Sweet dog relaxing in sun

Sunrise Panorama “Sunrise Panorama”

Sunrise over the Hottentots Holland Mountains

Sundown Panarama “Sundown Panarama”

Hottentots Hollands Mountain Range after sunset

Quiet Sense of Something Lost “Quiet Sense of Something Lost”

When I lost a dear friend....

Sunset over the vineyards “Sunset over the vineyards”

Lourensford vineyards at sunset

Between the Vines “Between the Vines”

Dark and deep tracks between the vines

No Leaves “No Leaves”

An old sleeping Oak tree