Almine, The Countess Of Shannon

Almine, The Countess of Shannon F.R.S.A. is endorsed and described as one of the greatest mystics of our time by world leaders and scientists alike. Author of 24 books, her work represents the cutting edge of metaphysics and gnosticism; that place where the physical and non-physical meet and new realities are born. These remarkable abilities are the impetus for the paradigm shifting art she produces.

The Countess’s art has been produced primarily for the enjoyment and edification of a private clientele, and unique that it has been flourishing through word of mouth. Major collectors all over the world have quietly been collecting her pieces, creating a global basis. Hundreds of my commissioned works have been sold during these years, without a public presence being established. Therefore, her exposure to the public at large is a new venture.

Since April 2011, Almine’s art has been in 5 Exhibitions, won 8 Special Recognition Awards, 1 Honorable Mention, 1 Artist of the Week, published in 3 Art Books, 1 Art Magazine, and was on the cover of Sedona Journal.

“The desire to portray what lies beyond mortal boundaries permeates my artwork. To express the undefinable, and dance with the contradiction that exists beyond duality, is my passion. The digital medium I have chosen is able to express the inner light of shapes. It is my sincere desire that my art will inspire viewers to live an extraordinary and boundless life.”

“The unique printing process selected to produce each image successfully captures the art’s translucent vibrancy.



Exhuberant Expression “Exhuberant Expression”

Exuberant expression alters perspectives that keep us locked into limiting realities. Paradigms shift and opportunities open when strong, authentic expression exposes new potential.

Resurrection “Resurrection”

A mystical union between the spinal cord and the kundalini in the pranic tube takes place to produce the state of resurrection. This state allows the master to move freely between life and death.

Fusion “Fusion”

When a master steps off the treadmill of linear change, the inner and outer realities merge in a mystical state called fusion. The master becomes completely at one with the environment as life moves through him or her.

Rose Petal Sunrise “Rose Petal Sunrise”

I am intrigued by holographic nature of the universe where the sunrise is part of the rose’s petals. The sun births forth into a new morning as the rose opens up to the new day. The one lives within the other. This surreal impression is expressed in this art piece.

Rivers of Potential “Rivers of Potential”

The artist's alchemical knowledge brings the deep understanding that what seems to be serendipitous events, is in fact the convergence of currents of potential to produce the birth of new probabilities. This artwork depicts the interaction of these currents of potential.

Etheric Light “Etheric Light”

To the mystic’s eyes that can perceive refined light, form seems lit from within. The image portrays that inner light. Only in dreams do most occasionally
encounter this phenomenon. This association of seeing etheric light in dreams is reflected in the dream-like quality of this piece.

Blue Moon Bathing “Blue Moon Bathing”

In my art I play with spaceless space. Is the moon in the ocean? Is the ocean in the sky? Both are true if space is just an illusion.

The Heart of a Rose “The Heart of a Rose”

It has been my burning desire to create art that delves into the reality that lies behind form. The more exquisite the form, the harder it becomes to find the essence of its etheric existence. This art piece portrays the heady fragrant, sensual essence behind the exquisite form of the rose.