Wayne Pearce

For over 25 years now, Wayne Pearce oil and acrylic painting has constantly strived to create art that captures the urban environment as well as the sheer pleasure of painting. Wayne is dedicated to reaching beyond the rendering of the urban environment; his belief is that conveying the lost character of neighborhoods is integral to his art. The viewer is drawn into a scene not to simply look at and appreciate it but feels he or she has actually witnessed the wonder of the city.

Wayne Pearce lives and works in Ft. Myers FL. He acquired a B.A. in Graphic Design from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. His focus is painting the streets of New York City. ’Everyday the streets of NYC are full of surprises and always changing. Memories from my youth are disappearing fast. I try to capture some of those moments before they are gone forever’.

Wayne Pearce’s dynamic images have been exhibited several galleries. Wayne also accepts commissions.


Street art

Gapstow bridge Central Park NYC