Kristy Goggio

Professional Career


1988 BFA; Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD), fine arts degree. Received full semester scholarship in 1986.

Professional Career

2000- Presently- I create oil paintings exhibited and sold in various Fine Art Galleries throughout the Midwest.

2001-2013 Created imagery for Wild Apple Graphics, an international publishing company. The images I created for Wild Apple were typically kitchen themed, these images were produced into posters and/or placed on home decor products such as place mats, wall paper boarders and the like, designed into coordinating collections and sold at large box store chains such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Kirkland’s, and other stores offering home decor products.

1991-1999 Founded and operated Arc East Art & Frames, a dual purpose retail custom picture framing business and gallery.

Professional Memberships


Committee member for ArtsPark at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, a 2 million dollar project underway that has received grant and support for the NEA. ArtsPark will be free and open to the public outdoor sculpture garden. Educational programs designed to combine creativity with nature will be offered to all age groups though much of the focus will be on bringing this awareness to children.

Committee member for Founders Gallery at Shorehaven Pavilion, a community center that focuses on exhibiting work of local artists.

Member WVA, Wisconsin Visual Artists, the states largest arts organization

Member MARN, Milwaukee Artist Resource CenterPrevious2013-ARTworks, Artist Co-op working studio in Oconomowoc, WI

2007-2011 Committee Member Ploch Gallery at Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts

2006-2007 West End Artists Association

1992-1995 RAA Riverwest Artists Association

1995-1999 Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward Association board member

1994-1999 Milwaukee Art Museum sponsored Gallery Night

1991-2002 PPFA- Professional Picture Framers Association

Awards and Recognitions

2014 Invitational to Open Canvas, MIAD scholarship fund raiser

2013 Invitational to Open Canvas, MIAD scholarship fund raiser

2012 Invitational to Open Canvas, MIAD scholarship fund raiser

2011 Invitational to Open Canvas, MIAD scholarship fund raiser

2010 Invitational to Open Canvas, MIAD scholarship fund raiser

2009 WI Visual Artist Award, third place

2008 Winner of the New York ArtExpo emerging artist competition, Art Business News sponsored

2007 Invitational to Lemon St. Gallery, Kenosha WI, live paint fund raiser

2005 Invitational to Bear Creek College, MN, live paint fund raiser

2003 1st Place at Artists & Display annual Valentines Greeting Card competition

2002 Honorable mention at Art Elements Gallery small painting competition

1999 2nd Place at Art Elements Gallery, figurative work competition

1990 Best of show at Dennis Uhlig Gallery, still life competition

1988 Best of Alumni Show at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

1986 Full semester scholarship at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design



Artist Statement

My paintings are of stories that have been repeated through history. The woman I paint is not a portrait per se. She’s a character symbolizing the memories and contemplations we carry with us.
She’s young and exotic, but flawed and familiar. To articulate a pure thought is difficult, she recognizes this. She’s somewhat innocent but at the same time a veteran to experience.
I portray her opinions, her judgments, belief, views and feelings… as mysterious because they will change. Nothing remains the same. What is beautiful and joyous in one moment may remain that way in memory, but then it’s memory.
Dark colors and detailed attire are intended to hint at the timelessness of the Renaissance style. Her elongated features remove the possibility that we’ve ever actually meet her, nor has anyone, intentionally protecting her anonymity. She’s within you, within me.
Her thoughts are ambiguous and open to interpretation. Providing other iconic symbols such as birds, flowers or keys suggest to the viewer there is more to analyze.
Canvases are saturated with layers and translucencies in oil and wax. Images are put down and delicately distressed away lending the paintings to an aged quality, as though the story the painting tells has been around for some time.