BIKKEL ARTIST (from Netherlands, born at Curaçao) – Bikkel’s process of working is spontaneous and she works with vibrant colors. Bikkel is graduated with exceptional exam in 2002 from University of Professional Education Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy. Her artworks have been taken into famous Musea and Private Collections. *2014 - Certificate of Excellence for the work: Bull Holland in the 10th Online Contest Artavita. *2019 - Certificate of excellence in the 34th International Artavita Online Art Contest.


Bikkel artist

International Contemporary Artist (Fine Art, Professional).
Institute: Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
judicium: exceptional.
Year of graduate: 2002

“As International Contemporary Artist I am aware of my job to give new content to the visual world and to (emotionally) touching you in a different way".

I hope that my work will make an impression. The directness / drive and the necessity of the moment, in all cases in fact, are very decisive for my work. When I trust on it, I have already won half the battle.
However, I demand more of myself. On the one hand I am a feeling person, relying on intuition, on the other hand I wonder whether my private fascination can become a collective work. I wonder if there is a common denominator in this?

Asylum Seekers 1 “Asylum Seekers 1”

Bikkel - Asylum Seekers 1 - acryl on canvas - 120x100cm - 2015

Asylum Seekers 2 “Asylum Seekers 2 ”

Bikkel - Asylum Seekers 2 - acryl on canvas - 120x100cm - 2015

Asylum Seekers 3 “Asylum Seekers 3”

Bikkel - Asylum Seekers 3 - acryl on canvas - 120x100cm - 2015