Carl Young

The world's only life sized figurative sculptures in GLASS.

I create figurative sculptures in Glass, Ceramics, Metal and other exotic media.

I am self taught although I come from a family of artists and dreamers. My equipment is also self designed and custom built.

Since everyone likes to know how I do what I do (I'm the only person creating life sized commissions in glass) I have a video you can view:

I have a studio/ showroom in Las Vegas and additional space in Puerto Nuevo Mexico.

My work is in galleries in S. California, Las Vegas & on line at

I have done many shows but specialize in celebrity events i.e. The Oscars.

You can order from the master inventory or have a custom commission sculpture made.


Figurative Glass Sculpture

Glass is the highest level of difficulty for creating figurative sculptures. It transmits light in ways no other medium can.

Additional displays and intelligent LED lights (one example) allow the glass to be viewed in many different ways.

Heartbreaker “Heartbreaker”

Heartbreaker in Blue Wispy Art Glass.

Indulgence “Indulgence”

Sculpture is in Red Wispy Art Glass, Playboy model Olga Loera posed for this piece.

"LaJolla" “"LaJolla" ”

Yellow Cathedral art glass in display with intelligent LED lights.