Halina Domanski

Born in Poland. My love affair with arts started in pre-school. I started painting at age six. I was studying music ,art simultaneously until age of fourteen. Graduated of Nursing Collage with honors and my name got included in a " Gold Book ". Jan.1982 I came to live in the United States. Sept.1984 I went to work as RN. I have always wanted to be an artist ,but life became challenging at this point because of this new job ,and a two month old daughter. I faced these life challenges, and create a strength that allowed me to take on any other difficult situations to follow. Also at that time I became more interested in learning about acrylic paint. So in order to understand acrylics ,I attend Yuba College art painting classes. I had workshops with : Jim Bertram ,Ann Baldwin and Judith Hale - student Helen Frankenthaler. Today I am artist , artist who is continuously discovering ,creating and enjoying art . My artwork is included in the books, magazines and newspapers .My accolades include signature membership in National Collage Society ,Inc. with headquarters in Huston, Ohio. To obtain signature status one must be accepted into three years of juried competitions. I had 119 juried competition and over 51 awards. My artwork is included in many private and important collections .


Abstract expressionism

I pursue no specific direction in the sense of a style .
The versatility of my work can be attributed largely to my refusal to study only
one style or medium of art .I believe in art that is bold ,kinetic ,full of energy flow ,
and harmony . I get inspiration from looking at the sliced wood , wooden fences and waves .Layering and texture serves as foundation for a painting .
The painting are created slowly , built up over texture upon texture evolving into
rich –colored ,multi- layered works

Earthy Vibes “Earthy Vibes”

Mixed Media on canvas .Size20"x24"x1.5"

You are my Favorite “You are my Favorite”

Mixed Media on canvas .Size ;48"x48"x1.5"

I Love Nature “I Love Nature”

Mixed Media on canvas .Size : 20"x24"x1.5"

You are my Sunshine “You are my Sunshine”

Mixed Media on canvas .Size : 48"x36"x1.5"

Blue Sky “Blue Sky”

Mixed Media on canvas .Size :48"x48"x1.5"

My Favorite Colors “My Favorite Colors”

Mixed Media on canvas .Size :18'x24"x1.5"