Itala Langmar

I have been a painter since the age of six and a poet since my middle thirties. My work started out realistic but became increasingly abstract. Lately I have incorporated my poems on the surface of the canvas using hand made paper and therefore the words become images. Lyricism is the nature of the way I paint.
I have had many one person shows and I have been published in many scholarly essays including several additions of the American Art Collector. My latest show was at Creative Coworkers Gallery in Evanston IL. The subject was color. I created twelve acrylic abstract paintings, red, blue, green, white, black, and the gentle turquoise inspired by the Venetian lagoon where I grew up and studied art.
This piece is based on the bright electric colors that we see in all the fashion and decorating style of the moment.
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Itala Langmar


Homage to Valor and Joy

I have always been inspired by heroes and heroines--some of them famous, some who should be famous, and some mythical. Subjects whose valor I admire include Kalypso, who was told by a god to let Odysseus go; the artist Ann Hamilton, who surprised everyone with her show in the Venetian biennale of 1999, and the Zen master Dogen. This portfolio highlights my love of geometry and of poetry, as lines from my poems are embedded in most of the paintings. Also, one of my favorite diptychs is an homage to a Venetian lily which fades away in the mist.