Surabhi Khanna

surabhi khanna

Location: Unknown


space in negative space

In my works by simplifying, abstracting and extracting the visual elements, I reinterpret them in a personal context, it is both a portrayal of me, my feelings and of the whole wide world around me.

In my works instead of the positive I chose to use the negative spaces and juxtaposing them with forms and shapes which existed as some organic beings but for me they are just forms and shapes without any features which can be identified, all the while making sure that my forms would function as pure colour in space. I am able to focus on the territory between the known and unknown. Thus I isolate the objects from their physical context and place them on the shapes and spaces.

My whole composition is minimalized into colour, shapes, and forms. The interplay and layering of these elements evokes an elevated sensation of nature. Thus there is a merging of organic and geometric forms to create a balanced composition which is pleasurable to both the artist as well as the spectator.