Kari Elisabeth Haug

Kari Elisabeth Haug

Location: Norway

- at times rhythmic and other times fearlessly exposing the rawest elements of the human emotion.
(Lisa Bently, ArtApproach, NY)

Kari Elisabeth Haug was born in 1956 in Norway. From her childhood she has used her creative ways of expression, and as a child she won several prizes in different drawing competitions. Her music abilities are very important for her art. She plays the piano and writes poems to her paintings.

Growing up on a farm and now living by the sea have had an important impact on her art.
Education and experience of life have led to the interest of existential questions.
Therefore, for her, it is not important to paint what you ”see”. The challenge is to paint what you perceive.

For many years she has been working as a teacher in esthetic subjects. It is however in the recent years she has been able to develop her own expression in her art.
After her first solo exhibition in the theatre of Drammen in 2008, she was contacted by Saatchi Gallery in London. After this she was invited to the biennial in Florence. Since then her paintings have been exhibited in several solo- and groupexhibitions in Norway,
New York, Rome, Paris, Vennice, Florence, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Monaco, and they are also published in artbooks and artmagazines in Europe and in the US. She also has a permanent exhibition at the Holmsbu Bath and Fiordhotel.
Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, has her works in their collection.
You may also see the videopresentation under Gallery or
http://www.youtube.com/chanel/UCqbQPVsNflukb6xSD A 9Aw

..it is personal biography meets movement, passion and a very physiological presence…
Amidst a sea of art, you manage to say something very different.
(Lisa Bently, Art Approach, NY)
We have Haug to thank for bringing the spirit of her visionary world into ours. Haug finds her ideology in the deep contours of creation. It is her acute love and understanding of color, composition, and positivity that lends comparisons to Picasso, Edvard Munch, Rothko, and Chagall.
(Persis May Singh, kunsthistoriker, USA)

The artist’s figurative narratives are distinguished by dynamic, undulating, and lyrical brushstrokes combined with curved “whiplash” lines of syncopated rhythm. Charismatic and forceful, Haug’s use of seductive color, vibrant brushwork, and sinuous line highlight the development of the artist’s sense of freedom and her unique style.
(Persis M Singh, kunsthistoriker USA)

The dynamic expressiveness of the berushwork - that can be intense or intentionally contained - creates visual, chromatic and compositionally-balanced solutions, and thus, is fascinating. The balanced and ordered structure of the paintings still allows for fast and strong impulsivity and improvisations that reveal the intense tension of feelings within the painter, transferred on canvas and presenting the more instinctive side of her personality.
(Paola Trevisan, TrevisanInternationalArt, Italia)
She courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand her own vision. The magic emerges in the tension between control and spontanety, and the result is invariably surprising, open-ended, poetic, and spiritual.
(Persis M Singh, kunsthistoriker USA)

As an artist I wish to be conscious about what message I want to tell in my paintings.
Often I work in an intuitive way, but I am very aware of what is important principals in the process of my work. Life has given me both great joys and challenges. Many critics of art seem to recognize this tension in my pictures.
When I compose pictures I wish to show that man has freedom to develop and to be in change.
Rough strokes of the pen and powerful colors shall symbolize power and energy. The more tender parts of life are symbolized by transparent parts and careful lines.
Freedom to create my own style is very important. It is essential to tell that every human being is unique and that the perfect is impossible to find. I wish to create pictures out of my imagination and not to copy any others.
Red and white have always meant something special to me. Like when I got my first red bike. With this bike I suddenly became mobile and the red color made me feel strong and visible. The white color invites me to the sacred room. I get an impression of devotion because in this room there is peace for soul and mind.
Literature and music will always be my companions. Harmonies and sounds can be transformed into moods on the canvas. The tune can be the line in the painting, tender and powerful, dreaming and sparkling. I often get the impression of being in the trinity between colors, words and tunes.
In the end the picture is transformed to the viewer and his world of fantasy. There it will be a part of further creation. The answer or the solution shall never be given on beforehand.


CV - May 2017

Group exhibitions:
• Yukyung Artmuseum, Sør Korea, 2017
• «Woman`s Essence» Paris 2017, MUSA International Art Space, France, April 2017
• ART ARENA: "GLOBAL VISIONS" @ ART EXPO NYC, 21st-24th April 2017
• CONTEMPORARIES AT UFFIZI Gallery Museum, EA Editore, Florence, Italy, 2016
• Videoexhibition, New York, Washington, about «The Shakespeare in Art», EA Editore, 2016
• MAD Gallery, "Inspiration", Milan, Italy, 2016
• Museum of Art and Science, Milan, (Galleria "Il Collezionista), Italy, 2016
• Gallery Graff, Askim, Norway, 2016
• Affordable Art Fair Milano, Italy, 2016
• Gallery Rønningen, Skien, Norway, 2016
• The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015
• Pollock - The new heirs - 30 cases of informal paintings, Italy, 2015
• Untitled - Henrik Ibsensgt, Skien, Norway, 2015
• Gallery Rønningen, Norway, summer exhibition 2015
• The MEAM - European Modern Art Museum of Barcelona, Spain, 2015
• Wunderkammer, the Museum Reale Albergo delle Povere di Palermo, Italy, 2015
• European Biennial, Paris, 2014
• ART Shanghai, China, 2014
• The LOUVRE Museum of Paris, 2014
• The World’s Art Fair (Expo), Eiffel Tower, Paris, 2014
• Gemluc ART, Monaco, 2014
• Ugang-project, The River Festival of Drammen, Norway, 2014
• Gallery Telemark, Norway, 2014
• Gallery Nelly, Norway, 2014
• Oslo ART Gallery, Norway, 2014
• ART Chengdu, China, 2014
• Gallery Lille Martine, Norway, 2014, 2013
• ART Beijing, 2013, China
• ART Shanghai, 2013, China
• A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, 2013
• Gemluc ART, Monaco, 2013
• Gallery Rønningen, Norway, 2013
• Art Gent, Flanders Expo Gent, Belgium, 2012
• Gemluc Art, Monaco, 2012
• A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, 2012
• Galleria Tondinelli, Masters & Artists of today, Rome, 2012
• Aix en Provence Art Fair, France, 2012
• ART Monaco`12, The Grimaldi Forum, 2012
• Galleria Tondinelli, Rome, 2012
• Galleria Monteoliveto, Nice (France), Naples (Italy), 2012
• KunSTART 2012, Biennial Bonanza, Italy, 2012
• Broken Boundaries, Focus in Art, New York, 2012
• Sinfonia di Colore, Vivid Arts Network, Firenze, 2011
• StudioArTe CARAPOSTOL, Venezia Project, 2011
• Erenus Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2011
• Galleria Monteoliveto, Expressions d`Art, PARIS, 2011
• Ferrara Museum of the Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy, 2010
• Southern Nevada Museum of fine Art, Las Vegas, 2010
• Trevisan International Art, Creative energy, Ferrara, Italy, 2010
• Bashimi Art House, Salzburg, Surrealistic painting, 2010
• Bashimi Arthouse, Salzburg, Abstract painting, 2010
• Bach Modern Talents, Salzburg, 2010, 2011
• Gallery Mrs Stenbrenden & me, Norway, 2010, 2011
• Oslo Art Fair, Norway, 2009
• Biennale Internazionale dell`arte contemporanea, Firenze 2009
• Sande Art Association, Norway, 2010 - 2006
• Fossekleiva Culture Festival, Norway, 2006
Solo exhibitions:

• Larvik Art Association, Norway, 2018
• ElverumArt Association, Norway, 2018
• Galleri Varden, Jeløy, Norway, 2017
• Hølen Kunst og Bok-cafe, Norway, 2017
• Kunstnernes Påskeutstilling, Wassilioff, Stavern, Norway, 2017
• Kunstnernes Høstutstilling, Wassilioff, Stavern, Norway, 2016
• Ski Art Association, Norway, October 2016
• 10 years anniversary, Holmsbu Bad & Fjordhotell, Norway, 2016
• Gallery Pingvin, Oslo, Norway, 2015
• Gallery Varden, Moss, Norway, 2015
• Bekkestranda Chapel, Norway, 2015
• Modum Art Association, Norway, 2015
• Farsund Art Association, Norway, 2015
• Gallery Laila, Stavern, Norway, 2015
• The Gallery Steiner, Vienna, 2014
• Galleria Tondinelli, Rome, Edvard Munch`s 150-years anniversary,  2013
• Bekkestranda Chapel, 100-years anniversary, Norway, 2013
• Gallery Malla, Norway, 2013
• Gallery Stationshuset, Mølle, Sweden, 2013
• Gallery Gyllergaard, Skagen, Denmark, 2012
• Gallery Møllabekken, Norway, 2011
• Holmen Centergallery, Norway, 2011
• Gallery Malla, Norway, 2010
• Gallery Sande Townhall, Norway, 2009, 2006
• Gallery Four Seasons, Norway, 2009
• Drammen Theater, Norway, 2008
• Gallery Holmsbu Bath, Norway, 2006..
• «Woman Art Award», dedicated this year to Berthe Morisot established by the Europe Art Awards and MUSA International Art Space. Paris, France, April 2017
• THE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD 2016 which entitled Homage to "PAUL VI, POPE OF HUMANITY",  given by Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo, Associazione Culturale, Academy of Visual Art, Lecce, Italy, 17th of December, 2016
• SALENTO EVENT OF CONTEMPORARY ART, “Il Beato Angelico”, Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo, Associazione Culturale, Academy of Visual Art, Lecce, Italy, 17th of December, 2016
• «Premio Grande Maestro» 2016, Palermo, Italy, 17th of December
•  The award “Contemporaries at Uffizi”, sermons in Uffizi Museum, Florence, Nov, Italy 2016
• The Gold Palm for Art 2016, ''Palma d'oro per l'arte 2016'', ArtExpoGallery, Monte-Carlo
• Award “Minerva Goddess of All Arts” 2016, Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo
• Award “Shakespeare in Art", Dott. Russo Francesco Saverio, Italy, 2016
• Art and Science Award, Milan, Italy, 2016
• The International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence, Italy, 2016
• International Award for Human rights, homage to the symbol of peace, 
Anne Frank, Italy, 2015
• Premio Internazionale d’Arte “Il David di Bernini, (Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo Assoc.ne Culturale), Italy, 2015 
• Michelangelo International Prize - "Artist at the Jubilee", Rome, 2015
• The International Pollock Award -  The new heirs, Italy, Oct 2015
• Marco Polo International Prize, Art Ambassador, Venice, Italy, Sept 2015
• Pieter Paul Rubens Award 2015, Lecce, Italy 2015
• Critics Award / Premio della Critica, Rome, Italy, 2015
• Rome Imperial Award, Rome, Italy, 2015
• Europa in Arte, Paris, 2014
• Raffaello Sanzio 2014, Lecce, Italy, 2014
• Nelson Mandela Award 2014, Lecce, Italy, 2014

• Southern Nevada Museum of fine Art, Las Vegas
• European Art Museum, Denmark
• Yukyung Artmuseum, Sør Korea (will come 2017)
• Streetart in Drammen, www.ugangprosjektet.no, 2014
• Bekkestranda Chapel, 2014
Honor member:
• Honorary Associate member of "Academia In arte Del Mondo Associazione Culturale" for the year 2017
• Honorary member of "Academia In arte Del Mondo Associazione Culturale 2016" - The Academy of Visual Art, International Education of Art and Human rights, Italy
• Honorary member of Associazione Culturale "Italia in Arte" 2015
• Ambassador for Human Rights, 2015-2016-2017

• Member of ICAF, International Culture and Arts Federation, 2017

Purchased by:
• Sande Community
• Modum Art Association
• Torget Medisinske Senter, Larvik
• The Global Visions Art Anthology, a curated selection of artists. Debut December 2017, to coincide with the Art Basel fairs week VIP launch, 1.-4. Dec, USA, 2017
• The Art Arena Print Magazine, NYC, 2017
• Inclusion in "WE, contemporary" - "the focus on contemporaries art" by MUSA ternational Space, 2017
• Woman`s Essence, The Woman of the Contemporary Art, with art critic by Laura Francesca Di Trapini, MUSA Int Art Space, Paris 2017
• Catalogo del Premio Internazionale Grande Maestro 2016, Italy, 2016
• The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016, Italy
• Magazine “Art Internaonal Contemporary” with the critic review by Sandro Serradifalco, Nov 2016  
• Palma d`Oroper l`Arte, Monte Carlo 2016
• European Art Museum, catalogue, Denmark", 2016
• The XXI CENTURY ART BOOK - SHAKESPEARE IN ART, Verona, New York, Washington, EA Editore/Russo/Art Internazionale, Oct 2016
• The Norwegian Magazine KUNST, issue 1, 2, 3 and 5, 2016
• Effetto Arte, Michelangelo Award, 2015
• The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2015, Italy
• Effetto Arte, Art Ambassador, Marco Polo Prize 2015
• The COVER of the Italian yearbook Eccellenze - "a Glance at the Italian Painting". With four pages and four critic inside, 2015.
An art book, which contains the greatest masters of the XX century, which will be placed side by side, to the great interpreters of the world con- temporary art. 
• WE Contemporary, MUSA Art Space Association, 2015
• The Genius of Art (Genio dell’Arte), Effetto ARTE, 2015
• Calenda, Artbook, Italy, 2015
• Breathing Art, European Magazine, (Europa in Arte) 2015
• Effetto Arte, a dossier dedicated to 25 Starts of Art, anniversary 2014
• Effetto ARTE, COVER of Art Magazine, and in the article "Artistic Stars", Italy, 2014
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• Catalog Artisti Internazionali del Louvre, 2014
• Effetto ARTE, The new heirs of Pollock, Italy, 2014
• Calenda, Artbook, Italy, 2014
• Important World Artists, WWAB, USA, 2013
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• The Visual ARTBEAT, kunstmagazine Austria, # 10, 2012
• Calenda, Artbook, Italy, 2013
• Art Monaco Magazine, 2012
• Featured Artists - Volume III , USA, 2012
• Calenda  2012. Artbook, Italy
• The Modern Masters, (Art In Focus), USA, 2011
• International Dictionary of Artists, USA, 2011
• International Contemporary Masters, Volum IV, USA, 2011
• International Contemporary Masters, Volum III, USA, 2010
• Bach Modern Project, Emerging Talents, Austria, 2010
• The Visual ARTBEAT, kunstmagazine, issue 5, Austria, 2010
• Florence Biennale, presentation artists, Italy, 2009 
• Art Arena Collection, New York, 2017
• Fine Art, netgallery
• Saatchi online Gallery, London
http://karhau.see.me/ USA
http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/229017-kari-elisabeth-haug Artslant-Sanfransisco 
• Artavita online Gallery, USA
• Showdown, Scope, New York 2010

• Høyskolen i Vestfold, Agder, Uni Oslo
• Jentoft Videregående Skole
• Kurs v/Nydalen Kunstskole
• Kurs v/Peter Esdaile
• Kurs v/Anne Marie Brennstrøm
• Malekurs for alle, Bærum
• Malekurs ved Per Morten Karlsen, Asker Kunstfagskole
• Kreaktiv Maleskole, Drammen



Paintings 2011

Man in changes, revolution in different ways

Blue harbour “Blue harbour”

Man has through all times longed for and needed to anchor in a safe harbor, to find a small boat and to sail…. To fantasize about safety and security when in danger, dream about freedom when in prison, hope and believe that there are still possibilities when in troubled waters.

How to sit, how to rest. “How to sit, how to rest.”

The situation today, many people feel the restlessness, many requirements...it is difficult to find yourself.

Time is coming. “Time is coming.”

Time is coming

Through this Moment
Time is coming
Coming Time is
present Time
You may see
all Life through
the tender Veil
of the morning Glow
In your Soul
you may see
Time that comes
is coming

During “During”

To control your own life.

The Revelation “The Revelation”

105x130cm, acrylic on linen/polyester. From the Solo-exhibition in Rome 2013, "Sognando Edvard Munch".

Who am I “Who am I”

Acrylic on linen/polyester. From the solo exhibition "Sognando Edvard Munch" in Rome, Italy 2013. Ca 55x95cm.

Scared “Scared”

Acrylic on linen/polyester. From the Soloexhibition, Sognando Edvard Munch, in Rome, Italy, 2013.

Woman`s Essence AWARD 2017, paris

WOMANS`S ESSENCE, MUSA Int Art Space, Paris 2017 “WOMANS`S ESSENCE, MUSA Int Art Space, Paris 2017”

Haug Kari Elisabeth
Norway kariart.net
In her compositions the simple lines highlighted by the use of strong colours, define the artistic work of Norwegian artist and put the light on the meaning and the reflection about each of her artworks. She starts from the choice of themes to report on canvas, such as the philosophical sciences, the soul, the existentialism, but also the curiosity about the people with their own lives and challenges to deal with. In this perspective, she calls for the possibility that the viewers immersed in her colours and lines, can look at beyond themselves to achieve the knowledge. The colour is spread on large canvases, which is a peculiar feature of her artistic research, strictly acrylic due to its velocity.