Rajnita Jain

Rajnita Jain recieved her graduate degree in Environmental Sciences and Masters in Limnology , study of oceans. Indian born and internationally recognized, Rajnita's passion for art stems from vibrant colors and appreciation for beauty in all forms.

In a few years , Rajnita created a name for herself with her artwork displayed in private and corporate collections across India, Europe and the Unites States. Her dynamic portfolio has been expressed in different mediums such as oil painting, acrylic, water colors, pastels, colored and graphite pencils. She challenges the notion of idealistic beauty and freedom by examinig cultural and political histories through her art. Working from her home studio, where she can be a wife, mom and artist, she draws from her experience in different areas of art to give balance and consistency to her contemporary and abstract painting style. In addition, she has designed clothes and fabric art for prominent fashion shows in India.


Mind, Body and Soul

When Lord Krishna plays his flute the atmosphere around him has an mesmerizing effect.It is said that all the females would dance around him and would forget who, what and where they are . This is the moment when the mind, body and soul melt down from the rest of the world and everyone is just being themselves. Heavenly touch and what an experience.


The Energy obtained by the first ray of sunlight , when it just starts dancing and peeking into the darkness to make a beautiful day for us.

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The call for environmental balance. Look at the air, water and earth when balanced. so much of happiness surrounds us. We could almost hear the soft music and keep dancing. So save nature.

save the last dance for me “save the last dance for me”

My love just keep dancing forever with me.


while surfing on the beaches of California have you ever experienced the color palette of vibrant colors flaunting the ocean when the sun shines on the waves


Always looking forward to my bright future. Negativity cannot hold me back.