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Imagine it is 1890 - Vincent Van Gogh has either ended his own life or it has been ended for him by someone else *(I think there are still some questions about this) and all of his paintings have been sent to his brother - who unfortunately dies soon after -
what would you give to have a chance at purchasing his paintings at that point in time at the low prices that might have been charged at that time?
after a life of only 37 years he had a large body of work all of which are valued a great deal more than they would ever be paid for originally and yet the artists of today except for a few with some marketing genius behind them - are all selling or not selling for a pittance compared to what they might be selling for later on down the line a few years from now -
does it make sense not to invest in such work today ?

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***Please note that every image ordered on any product from this collection is an original since all of the images are created digitally


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All Images: Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

The Volord Kingdom Art Collection is a Compilation of Photographs - Abstracts - Collages and expressions of thoughts - memories and ideas that have influenced me - Walter Paul Bebirian - during my lifetime.



7-28-2010b-S “7-28-2010b-S”

Vivid colors erupt in a dynamic, abstract composition against a stark black background with a pink circle partially visible. Each colorful spike seems to shimmer with a textured effect, suggesting movement and energy.

7-27-2010b-s “7-27-2010b-s”

Vibrant swirls of red, yellow, green, and blue dominate the scene, creating a dynamic and abstract expression. A small yellow circle at the top suggests a sun, adding a sense of energy to the chaotic dance of colors.

7-23-2010c-s “7-23-2010c-s”

A vibrant digital creation features a chaotic blend of colors and shapes, with a prominent abstract form resembling a squiggle or a tangled line in the center. Vivid hues and various patterns give the composition a psychedelic feel, while a pink orb creates a focal point amid the colorful chaos.