Eric Hubbes


Location: Germany

I was born on February 20, 1988 in London as the son of a French mother and a German father. I spent my childhood and adolescence mainly in Frankfort on the Main and Cologne in Germany.
In 2005/2006, I spent a year at the Glenalmond College in Scotland with a focus on fine arts. This year was for me the confirmation of my talent.
After graduating from high school, I still needed some time to make my artistic talents come to life. I spent three successful semesters in Muenster, Westphalia studying Geo-Science, but then dedicated myself entirely to art.
I chose the HKU Art Academy in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After three successful semesters between September 2013 and May 2015, I decided to work independently and follow my own path.
I returned to Cologne, where I now live and have my atelier.


Storm of thoughts

I am a visual artist, live in Cologne and have my Atelier there. For my pictures I use a multimedia technique mostly made of acrylic, charcoal, felt pen and chalk. From time to time I also use oil. You can see my pictures as abstract and expressionistic. But they also contain real figurative elements that give my art a surreal impression.
My pictures are created in a storm of thoughts and emotions that manifest themselves in shapes and fractals patterns that show my interest in natural sciences. This happens like in a dream. In my pictures I let my subconscious run free.

Hospelt street “Hospelt street”

How i see the corner where I live

Lady death “Lady death”

Death like in Lady Death is depicted in the skull and triggers mystical feelings in me about the end of our life and a transition into an unknown world full of secrets. It can also mean change.

Time Bomb 1 “Time Bomb 1”

Timebomb 1 and 2 reflect my despair about the state of our planet. Ocean pollution with condom floating in the water and other waste. The climate change with the ice melting above the grenade which represents the hidden part of the iceberg. All because of our disdain for the future and lack of imagination.

Plastic World “Plastic World”

Plastic World is the representation of our world artificial and polluted, with a collection of waste covering our beaches. The man with a monkey head is the image of what men want to be, strong, alpha looking for hopeless love through platform like tinder. The Child is our innocence looking into the sky with hope. But the old man with the evolution of mankind sitting on his arm knows better and cry.