Andrey Vishnevskiy

Vishnevsky Andrey Lvovich
Was born on October, 10th, 1971 in Moscow
The address: 117468, Moscow, Russia, Hersonskaja str., 12/4/327
Tel.: +7 499 121 7065, +7 910 452 1583
Member of the International Federation of Artists by UNESCO since 1995, the certificate ?5800
PhD in the theory of culture 2000 (the diploma 033666)

1997 - 2000 - post-graduate of the State Academy of Slavonic Culture, department of the Theory of culture
1993 – 1997 - faculty of Culturology of the State Academy of Slavonic Culture, major - "Religious Studies"
1991 - 1993 - faculty of Literature and Art of the New Humanitarian University, branch of Design
1989 - 1991 – faculty art-graphic of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.
Graduated with distinction in 1997 (the diploma ? 0061098), major – culturology

Participates in art exhibitions since 1991
Participant of more than 30 art exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Portugal, France, Japan, Finland and Cyprus.
Significant exhibitions:
2012 - participation in art exhibition Parallax AF in London, Great Britain
2010 - participation in art exhibition «Geyzery podsoznanija 6» in gallery «?3» in Moscow.
2010 - participation in art exhibition «Russian & Lithuanian ART WEEK» in Vilnus.
2004 - a personal exhibition «the Moment of alerting» in A.S.Pushkin's museum in Moscow.
Participated in the art exhibition of the Kiev representation of The American Camber of Commerce in Ukraine - "Autumn Charity Ball", Kiev.
2003 - participation in the exhibition in "Museu da Agua", Lisbon, in Festival of Arts, San Domingos de Rana, Portugal.
2002 - personal exhibition of Uberlingen, "Bukkenmire" gallery , Germany.
2001 - personal exhibition in the British council, Kiev, Ukraine.
2000 - participation in the "Russian Avant guarde" exhibition in "Beau Sejur" gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1999 - participation in the «Art from Russia » exhibition. Konstanz, "Modern Russian art" Dresden, Germany.
1996 - participation in the exhibition of Russian painting in Kyoto, " Hirotoku" gallery, Japan.
1994 - participation in the exhibition of the Moscow artists in Perpinian, France.
1993 - personal exhibition of the "Neomodernism" in Moscow, " Expo-88" gallery
1992 - participation in the "Female portrait" exhibition Munich, Germany.
1991 - participation in a series of exhibitions of young Moscow artists in Bulgaria, Italy and Russia.
The artist cooperates with several galleries in Russia, Germany, Portugal and Japan.
Author of a great number of articles devoted to sociocultural problems.
In his spare time the artist teaches painting, composition, aesthetic development, has his disciples and followers.