Hatice Karadogan

Hatice Karadogan

Location: Turkey


She lives in Istanbul. Graduated from Istanbul Science. Currently, she is working as a high school math teacher. She completed her master's degree from Yeditepe University Plastic Arts Program and continues in the same chapter of the PhD program. Participated in solo and group exhibitions.
Painting and sculptures inspired by her abstract studies, mathematics and space sciences. Exit point from blackboards. Zahit Büyükleyen, Ergin Inan, Aydin Ayan, Mustafa Ata, Özdemir Altan, workshops and lessons valuable, such as Kaya Özsezgin teachers continued.

Attended The Scale:
2010 "September 12" mixed exhibition "left turn Prohibited" installation
2010 exhibition "Galaxies", Yeditepe University, 2010 abstract sculpture
2010 solo exhibition "My" painting exhibition
2010 Istanbul Ümraniye municipality painting contest
2011 "2011 at Yeditepe University Alumni exhibition '
2011 International Biennial of the Bosphorus Istanbul 2011
2011 hand in hand For Somalia, group exhibition
2012 8 March International Women's Day Exhibition (Association of art and culture and social solidarity Perpa)
May 5, 2012 Nodart Celebrated group exhibition (Beyoglu)
October 2012 Autumn Dreams Exhibition (Museum of the sea)
2012 on 24 November teachers day exhibition (2012 Kadikoy community education center District National Education Directorate Exhibition)
35. DYO Painting Contest in Istanbul was among the 60 works in the final eliminations.
2013 Tuyap Art Fair Marjinart Gallery artist.
2014 Fashion Georgian art house exhibition
2014 "Blackboards", personal exhibition, art gallery of the fashion Angel's egg, Kad?köy
2014 "Blackboards II", personal exhibition, CKM Art Gallery, Kad?koy, Istanbul
2014 "Induction of Black" Solo Exhibition, KKM Art Gallery, Kadikoy
Tamsanat.com member, Turkishpainting Member, a member of the Recreation Association, Member of Lebriz.com
Art Space Site, ArtAlem.com member, Marjinart Gallery, Seli Gallery, Art Project, a member of the Pinelo.
Address: Kadikoy-Moda
Tlf: 0530 661 24 11 e-post: haticemate@hotmail.com www.haticekaradogan.com


Blacboard 1

2014 "Blackboards", personal exhibition, art gallery of the fashion Angel's egg, Kad?köy
2014 "Blackboards II", personal exhibition, CKM,

To be or not to be “To be or not to be”

mixed media on the canvas, 85x100cm