Nanci Pereira De Brito

Nanci Pereira de Brito

Location: Brazil

Nanci Pereira Brito was born in Rio de Janeiro on 27 June. His studies in the arts began with teacher and artist Jô Grassini in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, where he participated in exhibitions at SESC (Serviço Social do Comércio) and in the House of Vila Real Arts since 2005.
The geometrization and contrasting colors are trademarks of the artist's work, which uses various techniques in his painting. Its theme is geared towards a poetics full of lyricism and everyday life, which shows dense aspects of contemporaneity delicately, which refers the observer on a dreamlike narrative, though questioning the State of things in which you live.

Both artists develop a process of creative partnership, the result of which are full of pulsating color screens, alive and strong in striking shapes and of great visual impact.(By Oswaldo Eurico Rodrigues, professor and artist)


Mixed on canvas

The work done over time. Are paintings in acrylic and various materials that carry the artist's senses.

Turbulência “Turbulência”

Mixed on canvas

Vulcão “Vulcão”

Mista sobre tela

Africamim “Africamim ”

colagem e acrílica sobre madeira

Intimidade “Intimidade”

Acrylic on canvas

Ebulição “Ebulição”

Acrylic on canvas

Africamim 1 “Africamim 1”

Collage and acrylic on canvas

Quimera “Quimera”

Acrylic on canvas