Gerasimos Galiatsatos

gerasimos galiatsatos

Location: Greece

2014 Solo exhibition, Kefalonia Greece, @ saristra festival
2013 Solo exhibition, Patrasso Greece
2012 Solo exhibition at bartesera Athens Greece
2011 Art-helliniko, Athens Greece
2009 Touch Festival, Crete Greece
2008 Amnesty International, Athens Greece
2008 Touch Festival, Crete Greece
2008 Agora Gallery NY USA


2014 fluidity

Everything is fluid, changing, evolving, wear. With the occasion of the fluidity of things and situations, using the fluid color to create forms and lines that will give shape to the finished work. Nerve, fast, violent color liquid lines, suggesting a hasty violent modern lifestyle, violent over time.
The square shape of the canvas, suggesting the square cold logic, sometimes the man recalls, when he wants to justify various situations that imprison him.

Patience.  “Patience. ”

A mummy awaits. How many times we expect to change things simply by passive patience? Stuck in rules and laws, which sometimes we define external factors and sometimes we put on ourselves.

Superego “Superego”

A huge ball which seems suffocating within the narrow framework, but does she need the narrow framework because only in this way can show her big size? Perhaps if she were in an environment without frames, without yardstick, without suffocating, it would only be another ordinary ball? without yardstick?