Alexandra Miliopoulou

Alexandra Miliopoulou

Location: Greece

Curriculum Vitae: Alexandra Miliopoulou
I was born in 1953 at Thessaloniki.
Due to the working conditions of my father’s job, I have lived in Thrace and at Khalkidhiki for 14 years, until
we ended up back at Thessaloniki.
In 1970 I am acknowledged as a painter, I part from Greece to Germany for I am accepted to study theatre
costume, in Frankfurt. I pass the exams to enter a school for models in the same city, but I do not pursue
either due to important reversals happening in my life. I took courses of painting even from street artists;
critics and theoreticians of Art history, inside German and French museums.
The Greek Embassy welcomed in its establishment an individual painting exhibition for the first time.
I attend some professional schools and I return to Thessaloniki with my baggage full...
(I will be speaking neither of my personal life, nor of the negative side of the life that I have experienced. I
only wish to transmit the solutions and the elements that you may find helpful so that you can build your
own sacred path.)
Art teacher for children since 1979, performance school (what we nowadays call drama therapy) during
1982 in cooperation with Richmodis Dalke, individual expositions, participation in collective ones, events
regarding music-dance-painting-speech, researches, seminars, public speeches, studies... my art becomes
for me the mean and not the ultimate goal!
From 1986 I start to capture my internal road and my evolution in my works of art that are on the path
towards creation.
In 2000, a painters’ section opens in the Historical Macedonian Archive to... include me.
In 2008, I obtain yet another degree through a department of an American University in Athens, in the
department of Human studies and Jungian psychology, I am invited to continue my studies in the United
States of America where of course, I do not go as I have already found my way, and in my city non the less.
The internal faculties on a natural but also on an invisible level give me the knowledge and the Knowledge I
need to help both cleanse my “channel” and make my painting take its position in the healing therapy and
resurrection of people, tribes, nature.
Since 1991 I am being called forth to offer my experienced understanding to individual group meetings and
This gives me the chance to evolve also as a spiritual teacher (as they call me).
At one point, all this personal, experienced Knowledge “enters” the symbol of “The Little Smooth White
Stone and...”
Through the eyes of the painter, I always give evidence of my comparative study of archetypal symbols
between Greeks and Indians of the tribe Lakota. Furthermore, which are the types and levels of dreams,
what is their relation to inspiration levels, ideas and Ideas and how can we come and go through them
consciously? I even make clear the difference between a Guardian and a Guardian Angel, and other similar
In 2017 I also present:
“The 12 traces of the little smooth white stone”
... for your practice!
In 2018, I am writing down data for the painters that want to walk in the New Era, but also for everyone else
who wants to live as a Life’s Artist: “The Art of Painting serving Evolution”
Works of mine exist in personal collections and public libraries in Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria,
Switzerland, USA, Canada, India, Egypt, Lebanon.
One of my greatest accomplishments I consider to be the fact that I was asked to draw a painting of a Lakota
chief and as a result I got the blessing of the tribe. Another accomplishment is the compliment of a group of
Indian healers of North America who wrote to me that the way that I am painting is proof that we all have
the same God. And last but not least, when I was asked by a Peace on Earth seeking group, situated in China,
if I would let them use a photograph of one of my works of art as an inspiration for healing of abused
children and women.
And I keep on going...!
Let my Love be an element on your Shield.
Alexandra Miliopoulou



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"Let the dancing begin" “"Let the dancing begin"”

Project details:
Theme: "Let the dancing begin"
Oil on canvas - gold 23 3/4 c.
60 x 100 cm.