Britta Neumaerker Alias Pilbri

Britta Neumaerker alias Pilbri

Location: Germany

Born 1967 in Germany I am painting since my childhood. I was always fascinated by the mind of the human being.

The interaction between conciousness and subconsciousness was always in my mind.

I started to work with different painting techniques and colours, at least the acrylic colours with spatula technique and dripping technique remained my preferred art techniques.

Always inspired by the behaviour of human beings and their emotions, their fears and their power of brains I recognized, that the main things are not visible for the eyes.

When I had an accident 19 years ago and had double pictures for more than 13 years, I trained my conciousness and unconciousness and recognized that the thoughts of human being has got an enormous power, for everything you want to reach in life on all levels of life. This means the emotional level, the social level and the physical level.

I love books like psycho cybernetics of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, dealing with the subconciousness and the possibility to use your thoughts to steer your inner servo mechanism of health and happiness.
Moreover the theory of Sigmund Freud, touched very early my personal journey of life and inspired my Life.

My favourite book since my childhood ist "the small prince" of Saint Exupery. It is a small book containing so much truth and makes the behaviour of human beings their wishes and hopes visible.

My actual painting are paintings with many layers. Sometimes some parts of a layer are removed and then new layers are added. The art represents the result of the combination of consciousness and subconsciousness. . During the life of a human being there is always a change and development in mind. We are hiding parts of our soul and then suddenly parts of our soul erupt out of our mind. It can be hope or fear. In times of Corona it is a mixture of both.

Each layer of my artwork is a little bit of the unconsciousness. Parts of it are covered forever and other parts appear under several layers. The hope in a human being remains until the end of the life of the human being, although there are many layers of fear, anger and other emotions that try to cover the hope. But hope lasts forever.


Brain Art

Brain art is a series over several years dealing with the consciousness and subconsciousness of mind. Those pictures are all pictures built with a lot of layers, partly the layers are deleted and new ones are added. It is the same with the subconsciousness and consciousness of human beings. We are always building new structures in our brains until the end of our life and other structures are destroyed. It’s a permanent change and new building of connections.

But sometimes we want to change our life, want to live without our roles and explode.
Then starts a new life in chaos, with fresh ideas and with a new freedom, a sweet little chaos of life with no fixed destination. ( the explosion of chaos)

My art is expressionism dealing with the
spirit, brains and emotions.
I use the spatula technique and the dripping technique.

Explosion of chaos “Explosion of chaos ”

In our daytime we function every day and are playing our rolls, as wife, employees, teacher, lover or what ever. We have to fulfill several rules. But sometimes in our mind is an explosion. We want to change our life totally, but we don’t know how to do it. We explode and our life is a sweet chaos and we feel free of everything.