Rita Holcberg

The cultures and the countries I lived in, Argentina, Brazil, and the US, bring the richness and complexity I express in my art.
One voice speaking artistically in many languages.Design , fashion and the love for the arts are the background where I trained my "eye" developing a sense of color, rythm,texture and balance.
Color is my medium.Spontaneous and intuitive brush strokes, motion and action organize and express my inner chaos and space on the canvas.
I thank artists of the past and present for their inspiration.Matisse, De Kooning,Richter are just a few .
I live and work in New York.




ever changing garden II “ever changing garden II”

abstract dreamy landscape, oil on canvas , 30"x40"

ever changing garden I “ever changing garden I”

abstract dreamy landscape , oil on canvas 30" x 40"

flirting with fantasy “flirting with fantasy”

abstract oil on canvas , 36"x40"

I had a wish “I had a wish”

abstract, impressionist , oil on canvas , 30"x30"

spotlight “spotlight”

abstract,oil on canvas , 24"x30"

construction “construction”

abstract, oil on canvas,20"x20"

fringes of flamenco “fringes of flamenco”

abstract,strong colors, oil on canvas, 30"x30"

passing cloud “passing cloud”

abstract, oil on canvas, 30"x40"

innerspace I “innerspace I”

abstract,oil on canvas , 16"x20"

garden chair “garden chair”

figurative,oil on canvas,10'x10"

instead of standing “instead of standing”

figurative, oil on canvas, 10"x10"

remains of the day “remains of the day”

figurative, textured oil on canvas, 9"x9"

the blue chair “the blue chair”

figurative,oil on canvas,9"x9"

you may rest now “you may rest now”

figurative/abstract, oil on canvas, 12"x12"

the modern chair “the modern chair”

figurative/abstract,oil on canvas , 10"x10"

epiphany “epiphany”

oil on canvas, 30"x30", abstract painting ,

passion at dusk “passion at dusk”

oil on canva s, 30' x 40", abstract

interior “interior”

mixed media, 30"x30", figurative, inspired by Matisse

power of seduction “power of seduction”

oil on canvas , 24' x 30", abstract, very colorful

promenade in the park “promenade in the park”

oil on canvas , dyptic, 20"x40" ,

revisited “revisited”

mixed media , 30"x30", figurative , inspired by Matisse

velvety sound “velvety sound”

oil on canvas , 24"x24", abstract,

a sense of wonder “a sense of wonder”

oil on canvas, 36"x48"

hopes and dreams “hopes and dreams”

oil on canvas , 36"x48"