Andrea Sargeant

Andrea Sargeant

Location: Italy

Andrea Sargeant Branca
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The English - Italian Artist graduated from the famous Saint Martins Art School with a Master and first class Honors . Andrea is the creator and designer of the famous Ghost fashion label in Uk distributed worldwide, and featured as an important historical landmark of British Fashion . During the 25 years living in Italy she has founded the high level textile and interiors label “Romanica’’ featured in AD magazine and many other top journals’. 
In Milan she has formulated her academic technique collaborating with Maiotti in the ‘Bottega delle Arti ‘Milan. Andrea has entered with acclaim in many competitions including the famous “Royal society of painting in Watercolours” Uk. She has exhibited “Solo” in Italy and has had a worldwide gallery coverage.
“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them (John Ruskin )
Andrea is a contemporary Anglo-Italo Romantic watercolourist presenting new visions
 of interiors, urban and landscapes all painted exclusively “En Plein Air’’ Immersed in nature, she creates Sensory atmospheric Watercolours , Romantic Dreamscapes where Art becomes a contemplative Meditation .
The Watercolor technique :- “the medium of water colour cannot be mastered …..only handled masterfully” (Jim Kosvanec) Andrea knows from years of discipline , the notoriously difficult nature of watercolor, its unpredictability, its sensuousness the textures it makes of its own accord, its luminosity and transparency ,the myriad mystic qualities of Acquerello will take a life time quest to learn
Andreas Artistic Philosophy is “Anima Mundi Pax” :- The vital force of which we ALL appertain The true link and affiliation of every living creation on this planet. In the belief of this intrinsic connection lies a foundation for harmony and world PEACE… In a world conflictual and distraught , Art should offer space for the spirit, The observer must feel cool wild wonder . “Art is sending light into the soul to soothe and flood the mind with calm and serenity, inspired by the peace and harmony of our mystical habitat.
Andrea’s next solo exhibition is ;-
“Anima Mundi Pax “
Watercolor meditations by an English Romantic
Italian Dreamscapes

A exhibition intending to reveal her personal and innovative concept of the enchanted mysteries of our habitat.